Belladere Haiti

Belladere Haiti Mayor complains about lack of Police in his city

There's just not enough police presence in the Haitian border city of of Belladere, according to a recent statement from Belladere city mayor Macklish Ledoux.

Belladere Haiti, how this city was built

The city of Belladere in the Plateau Central (centre) of Haiti would probably not exist if it wasn't former Haitian President Dumarsais Estimé. Find out how Belladere was built.

Earthquake in Belladere and Lascahobas Haiti sends the population in panic

Haiti Centre Department - The ground trembled Monday, May 7, 2018, in the communes of Belladère and Lascahobas (Plateau Central Haiti) created panic among the population in Belladère.

Haiti - Route Belladere (Department Centre) bloke matin Vendredi 16 Fevrier 2018 la

Belladere Haiti - Matin an, Route Belladere, Departement Centre te bloke. Dapre you radio nan Kapital la moun nan zone la lan te bloke route pou konpayi Estrella.

Haiti's ban on Dominican products creates tension in Belladere

Haiti's ban on the entry of 23 Dominican products from crossing the border overland is beginning to create tensions in the Haitian border town of Belladere.

PHOTOS: Belladere Haiti - Old Caserne (army barrack) and Douane being Restored...

Take a look at this... The old army barrack (caserne) in Belladere Haiti is being restored to its original condition... You have to go through it to enter the city of Belladere Haiti from the Dominican Republic... Did you know that?