Some people treat the death President Jovenel Moise like it's no big deal. It is a big f deal

I am reading some harsh comments posted by some people on the internet in regards to first lady Martine Moise mourning the death of her husband, our president, and it's heart-wrenching.

The people in Haiti calling
The people in Haiti calling "Justice for president Jovenel Moise," are you sure you know what they're really asking for?

To those people who can only see can feel the things that affect them directly instead of the collective group that makes all of us Haitian citizens, let me tell you something.

It is always bad thing to see a Haitian citizen gets murdered in cold blood. Every death, every time a Haitian person dies in cold blood, every time a Haitian person is kidnapped, robbed, murdered or assassinated, justice needs to be served. I agree with that one hundred percent; however, pay very close attention to walk to what I am about to say next.

Some deaths are carried out to teach us all lesson, to set an example out of all of us.

The death of our president, Jovenel Moise was one such death and we all need to pay attention to that; otherwise, it will take another two generations, Haiti will go nowhere, and another president will die to set yet another example.

Many of us Haitians are the maids and servants of all those who were invited to dine with us in our living room. Over the generations, they took over. They act and behave like our superiors in our own home.

And the good little slaves that we are, we continue to march with our heads down and we let it happen. We accept it as a way of life.

So we hop on boats, planes, under the wire in order to seek happiness elsewhere except in the land that we fought for and deserve to live happily ever after in.

We fought for this land.

We fought for the right to live free in that land. f

The pursuit of happiness, Haitian should not be sticking it elsewhere but in Haiti.

There are those who call themselves Haitians like us and who are so comfortable treating us like crap. We have all become restavecs, have younoticed that?

I don't feel that the assassination of President Jovenel Moise was just something simple that we're Haitians should overlook. I think it is an assassination designed to set fear into the tbinking brain of every future Haitian president who are supposed to lead us from now on.

Stay within the line that was set for you or suffer the consequences. That's what the assassination of President jovenel Moise means. It's time you paid attention.

By fighting for Independence, we have earned the right to sleep the best sleeps all of our lives in our own country. But instead our brothers and sisters are fleeing the country trying to find a better life elsewhere.

We all know that no life tastes better for Haitian man, woman or child than a life at home.

I think it's time for the Haitian people to put some fear in the eyes of those who are trying to scare us.

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Subject: Some people treat the death President Jovenel Moise like it's no big deal. It is a big f****** deal edit

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