Shaquille O'Neal is giving away 4 Celtics tickets for Haiti, There's More...

Remember the other day I told you about this new celebrity twitter eBay auction for Haiti? Well the celebrities are offering lots of goodies to raise money for Haiti... Shaq is giving away Celtics tickets yall... but this is only the beginning...

Shaquille O Neal - Auction For Haiti

That's right, Shaquille O'Neal is now playing for the Boston Celtics (I just found out) and Shaq is giving away 4 Celtics home opener tickets and 4 jerseys for Haiti...

Motivational speaker Anthony Robbins is giving away a one week vacation getaway to Namale, the #1 Resort in the Fiji Islands for Haiti...

Canadian actress Lisa Ray is offering to have dinner with winner.

Two-time world heavyweight wrestling champion William Scott Goldberg will pick you up at the airport in a muscle car if you win his auction.

Georges Lopez of offering VIP tickets to an upcoming standup show and the winner will meet him backstage

I just read a news release stating that lots of country music stars are participating as well.

This is really exciting!

It's called TwitChange, a celebrity auction raising money for Haiti, the auction ends September 25, 2010.

If you want to know what this is all about read the previous article, New Fundraiser For Haiti - Pay A Celebrity To Tweet For You

or head over to the eBay TwitChange Auction and start bidding!

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Taly says...

i think what they are doing is great.

you should check out a video on youtube called "Haiti says thank you to you".

i think it's a great song and it shows how grateful these people

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