See 116 Star Parade Haiti Kanaval Photos

Today, Friday February 20 2009, it is the Star Parade in Haiti!

Jodi-a tout sipesta Haitien yo nan lari! / Today All the Haitian Stars out!
Si-m te Haiti, jodia-a / If I was in Haiti
mwen t-ap nan Star parade / I would be there too

Pa ke mwen sispesta / Not that I am a star... :)
men-m konnen anpil nan yo / but I know many of them

PHOTO: Gade photo yo non / Look at the pictures


Nou poko gen photo 2009 yo / We don't have the 09 photos yet
men photo 2008 you ap fe ke-w kontan / but you you will enyoy the 08 photos

Pita ma di-w si gen nouvo video / later I will tell you if there are new videos

Sonje Email tout zanmi-w, di yo pou branche sou
pou sezon kanaval la

Eske-w nan Facebook?

Konekte ave-n sou Facebook


To all my English readers, there are many people on my list who do not speak English
I am trying this new format English/Kreyol
hope it doesn't bottler you

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