Reconstruction of Port-au-Prince Haiti Start September 2010

A date has finally been set as to when the reconstruction of Port-au-Prince Haiti will begin. Ronald Beaudin, Haiti's finance minister says. that Major projects for reconstruction will be visible in downtown Port-au-Prince during the month of September.

Haiti Under Construction

The first phase of the reconstruction will be to demolish and clean up the sites that were badly damaged during the Haiti earthquake of January 12.

Specialists of the Institute for the Protection of National Heritage, (French: l'Institut de sauvegarde du Patrimoine National -- ISPAN) will be involved in the assessment of buildings.

If you speak French, you can read the full article on


Will the reconstruction of Haiti be modern, 21st century grade construction, or will the Haitian leadership adapt the "Moyen-Age" classique model by building more efficient "kanal dlo chaje marengwen ak yon ti pon devan kay chak sitwayen"???


After all... A better "KANAL" is still a "KANAL"

Metamorphosis... Metamorphosis... Metamorphosis...

Ou poko jan-m we le Boite Chaine dessann???

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Jean says...

si ou konene you kanal se you ksnal fe you bagay pi bon ke you

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Volcy says...

Mejor de construir menos en vez de seguir con las construcciones

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Volcy says...

Mejor de construir menos en vez de seguir con las construcciones

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Jean Claude says...

what do you mean?

you think Haitians are not educated enough?

be more precised or

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Mackenson says...

mwen panse si yo ta fe yon bagay serye, yo ta sipoze komanse ak yon rekostriksyon o nivo mantalite chak ayisyen.

Fom ta komanse fe edikasyon

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Victor Manuel Guerrero says...

Esta era una fecha muy esperada por el Consorcio UNICREDEC, ya que tiene un personal de la construccion de mas de quinientas personas altamente calificadas, para trabajar en la Reconstruccion de

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Jran Claude says...

sa wap dim la-a, mwen sonje le muoin te piti petet mouin te gin 7ans, bouat chen desan-n Man!!!!!! se premie foua mouin te we you bagay konsa.

le sa-a, mouin te rete turgeau a cote de l'eglise Sacre Coeur.

bouat chen desan- tankou ou chin anrage li pase sou chan mas, ale nan lopital general, pran moun malad, moun pie ak ponyet koupe, minm mo nan mog la dlo pote ale. Sa te fe lapinn ampil.

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Guirlene says...


Things that make you go HMMMMM.

How well are we going to work together to get the job

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