Rebuild The Haitian Man, A Haiti Reconstruction Requirement

It is important to, first, rebuild the Haitian man, and second, rebuild the physical space of the Haitian man, says President Michel Martelly...

In a message that started during Haitian Diaspora week, president Martelly is still driving the message home that Haiti reconstruction cannot happen unless a reconstruction of "The Haitian Mentality" is done as well.

Fortunately... or Unfortunately... Haitians will not need billions of dollars of foreign aid to make that happen.

What does it take to rebuild the Haitian man... the Haitian mentality?

What is wrong with the Haitian mentality?

I hear it too many times, sadly and ONLY from my Haitian family and friends, that Haiti will never change... Some say I am wasting my time creating Haitian websites, or worse, trying to inform you of things that you don't even care about...

There are many among us who have completely given up on everything Haitian. I had to stay away from these people just to inform you everyday.

I am not wasting my time... Am I?

Rebuild the Haitian man... This is not a simple topic...

When the president says "It is important to rebuild the Haitian man" He is in fact implying that Haiti has a problem at it's core [The Haitian mentality] and to simply rebuild "the physical space" around the Haitian man without rebuilding it's core is like building the best car in the world, leaving out the engine and transmission...


How do we rebuild the Haitian man?

Is it worth rebuild Haiti without first rebuilding the Haitian man?

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Richelle says...

Omg!Garry Destin, you are so real.From all the people who call themselves Christian or witnesses Haitians are the worst.

First of all, they're so judgmental.

No one serves God better than themselves while they are not even 100.000 feet close to serve God.I'm not judging no one but this is my inference from what I see from these so-called Haitian Christians.

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Garry Destin says...

Hello Kathleen,
I don't use God's name in vain.
Turning to the lord is knowing oneself.

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Kathleen says...

This poster has spoken the true wisdom.

Just letting everything stay in chaos "until", is nothing more than a political ploy to allow the powers that be to keep the funds that the world has donated, and to do nothing that doesn't benefit themselves.

Of course the infrastructure must be rebuilt! In my humble opinion men all over the world including Haiti need to be rebuilt, to do the very things you have suggested.

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Service De Letat says...


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Mr. Ann Jerry Jerome says...

I agree 100%, you have to not only rebuild his physical mentality and without a doubt, renew their mindset and God is the only one who will be able to make that changed.

we need to remember one thing that we!come from a long way to still be a free black nation.

We struggles, we starves to death, in many ways we end up killing and destroying each other for no reasons at all and the big evil empires laughing at us, because they say that they don't know what to do with our people, but to me! Regardless of what anybody says about us, CHANGES is at hand and no one knows exactly how it's going to come very soon and I thank God for it already.

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Marie says...

Building Haiti willbring more hope to Haitian

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Ronald Altieri says...

I truly appreciate the thought behind that soul searching concept: "The mind of the Haitian man must be rebuilt".

Mainly because when i visited Haiti in April, what i saw behind the devastation of Jan 12th, 2010 was the mind of those of are in control of the Haitian society, and that is the mind of Haitian man. As sad as that was to write, but it even saddens me more that those same minds - even after reading this - will not be able to see that truth.

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Garry Destin says...

Same way they were forced to be the way they are, they will have to be forced the other way. Force the to respect the law till they get used to it. Force them to respect traffics laws till the get used to it. Give women and children full security till the get used to respecting women.

If the get a woman pregnant and leaves her hanging, force to do hard labor till he accept his messed up.
Force them to stop littering but at the same time help them with their trash..

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Miejo says...

tout a fait, nous devons revaloriser l'homme en l'haitien la tache est difficile non pas impossible.

chacun de nous a cette mission, c'est maintenant ou

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Myrtho says...

I don't think that you are wasting your time We are the only one responsible to change the face of Haiti.You have the good in mine You have to continue trying until you succeed.You know is no joke that it is a very hard to convince our people to support anything pertinent to the development of their own country.They will rather help others than lending an helping hand to their own fellow citizens.Some of them will come up with all the excuses to justify their actions.

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