Problem Economique Mondial La... How you doing in this BAD Economy?

The economy is BAD isn't it? Here... There... Everywhere... Yesterday, I was talking to a Haitian friend of mine while in Santo Domingo and he started to tell me how bad his business is doing here in the Dominican Republic. "Se yon problem economique mondial wi," he tells me...

I ask him why he thinks he is making so much less money these days.

He replies: "Ses jours ci, moun yo nan lari-a pa gen pouvoir d'achat... Se tout moun k-ap plenyen wi, Ni Haiti, Ni St Domingue, tout kote"

Lucky for him he owns his house free and clear, he doesn't have to pay rent like some of us... "Si se pat sa, mwen pa konn sa-m ta fe," he says.

So... My friend, nan problem economique mondial la, how are you doing?

Reply with your comments... (You can use a fictitious name, Just share with us how this bad economy is treating you)

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Patrick Princivil says...

Haitian's people,

sorry for the inconvenient, I read 5 very important messages about Haiti newsletter, but I was so busy and I didn't have time to share my opinion with you; now I will try to kill five birds with one stone, I will start from new to old messages.

You talk about bad economy in Haiti, I don't know between 1804-1957 if the economic was okay in Haiti.

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Subject: Problem Economique Mondial La... How you doing in this BAD Economy? edit

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