Port-au-Prince Haiti Metrocable Transport System Proposed

Imagine that... Riding above the streets and hills of Port-au-Prince Haiti on a MetroCable aerial tramway bypassing all the traffic below... The same company who built the aerial tramway in New York City, linking Roosevelt Island to Manhattan, has just proposed a MetroCable transport system for Port-au-Prince Haiti to the ministry of Finance...

MetroCable Aerial Tramway Transportation System in Haiti?

This metrocable system, proposed by POMA, is already being used succesfully in Medellin, Colombia, a city surrounded by hills just like Port-au-Prince and it is working like a charm.

Many of those hills are home to underdeveloped barrios (comunas), which due to their location cannot be reached by Medellín's biggest mass transportation system Metro. so they use metrocable to trasport in and out.

Watch this video and see how it works in Columbia...

Port-au-Prince traffic is crazy, it takes hours to drive one mile some times...

What do you think about a MetroCable transport system for Port-au-Prince Haiti?

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Jocelyne says...

I don't choice them I don't use

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Johanne Pierre says...

No one can deny that Port-au-Prince is in need of this system - it would cost way too much to build roads around those mountain chains...

I see that everyone is happy about the idea but now is thinking How this system is going to work when there is hardly no electricity in Port au Prince...Shouldn't we fix our electricity, running water problems first?

Just like Natcom took over Teleco and improved to a normal company - we need few companies to come and take over our electric and water company to improve them

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Kdo says...

sa se yon bel ide pou mou ki rete an wote

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Mike Lebau says...

It's certainly a good idea...It is really not the time to think about this kind of project, We should focus on how to provide stable electricity, running water, sewage system, and roads...Then we can have a discussion about MetroCable.

It's 2014 we still don't have electricity for more than 4 hours a day, we don't have running water in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti...and you want to propose

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Swe says...

Awesome idea. This would allow for less traffic jam on the roads heading towards downtown on week days during rush

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Imbesil Ginette says...

I agree with you we need to open up the country to foreign investors...One of the reason we are so behind is because we have always been so reluctant to open up to foreign investors...we always have this mentality that foreign investors are coming to rob us of our wealth...

Do you think Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Bahamas would so advance without the help of foreign

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Imbesil Ginette says...

Awesome Idea, low maintenance to operate this system,...reduce traffic and motorcycle accidents.

Ou kon Jan Haitian dezord, yo pwal tire roche deye Metrocab la, epi lougarou/makanda ap kole nan kod la le yap vole nan la

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Kaamanio says...

sistem sa a t ap bon anpil pou peyi ya.menm la a nan republik dominiken genyen tou, nan vil ki rele puerto plata

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Reynaldo Leger says...

That would be great!
But how we gonna do that and how

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Caridad Hilaire says...

It is a wonderful idea, and a necessity.

We just have to teach people to keep them clean, and not trash

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