When people ask me why is Haiti so poor, this is why I tell them

Poverty is a business. Just like every other business in the world there are people and organizations out there who thrive on the business of poverty. Unfortunately for Haiti, she has fallen victim to this thriving business, victim of those who profit from the business of poverty.

Lending a Hand - Pep Haitien lonje men yo pou resevwa kichòy, anyen pa poko tonbe...

Since poverty is a business, you have to keep it running at a profit. The more poverty stricken people and poor countries out there the bigger the profitable business of begging on their behalf.

  1. Keep the people poor
  2. Beg on their behalf
  3. Live lavishly
  4. Spread the crumbs
  5. Take some pictures
  6. Everybody wins!

Something as simple as rainfall in Haiti can become a natural disaster where those in charge beg the International Community to send help for the poor people of Haiti.

Sound great except, that money, let's just stay not all of it goes to the poor people of Haiti.

You understand?

Instead of fixing the problem so this never happens again our beloved leaders wait for the next disaster so the International Community can send more help for the poor people of Haiti.

And the cycle continues. With rainfall, mudslides, earthquakes, drought, famine, You name it we got it.

It's the poverty business at its best.

To be continued...

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