Pedernales : The Dominican Republic border town economy relies heavily on Haitian consumers

Imagine that... Due to the fact that Haiti's central government has completely ignored it's Haitian border cities and towns over the years. The Dominicans have been making their bread and butter selling goods and services to these desperate Haitians... Casing point: Perdanales, Dominican Republic vs Anse-à-Pitres, Haiti.

Build a wall to Separate Haiti and Dominican Republic

The economy of Pedernales dropped 80 percent after a border conflict caused the Haitian-Dominican border to be closed for a couple of weeks. Basically, Haitians do not cross the border to buy goods and services and sales in Perdernales drop tremendously.

Haitians in Anse-à-Pitres get nearly 100 percent of their goods and services across the border in Pedernales, Dominican Republic, including drinking water, since they are cut off from the rest of Haiti due to the horrible road conditions.

What country buys its drinking water across the border?

It is interesting how the the Dominican government build roads and infrastructure all the way to it's border gates with Haiti where Dominicans make a ton of money selling to Haitians across the border. Meanwhile, the Haitian State abandons its border town citizens like caged birds, to be fed and taken care of by its neighbor.

Talk about border trading, Haitians bring all the money, and the Dominicans bring all the stuff for them to buy...

Tèt fè mal nèt al kole!!!

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Jose says...

Haiti should be on her way to progress with those consumers and all that Haitian manpower that left Pedernales.

We should encourage this initiative so Haiti can become a Caribbean's

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Goldstein says...

Hello Woodring, the more i read about the way the Dominicans treat their neighbors, the more disgusted i am by those arrogant hijos de puta.

One day, maybe,the haitians will kick their ...

A friend of mine called me last week, he had gone to DR on vacation.

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Papijojo says...

That Haitian -Dominican Trade stuff is a joke ...That shows what it shows...Also, that leads to a question.

A question for which I don't have the answer yet.

Nos dirigeants, hommes et responsables politiques sont ils des kokorates?


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