Oxymoron: The Dominican Republic vs Haiti, which one would you retire to?

While Haitian politicians are continuously fighting to take control of a country that's had enough of them, the Dominican Republic, which shares an island with Haiti, is being sold to American retirees as one of the best countries to retire in their golden years.

Mad Haitian
Mad Haitian

So read this my fellow Haitians and start telling those pain in the ass wannabe politicians to quit burning the country down just so they can become the next sh*t hole president.

I am mad!

I am sorry but it pisses me off to see how a tiny island like Hispaniola, shared by only two countries, one is plunging into a black hole and the other is flourishing. It's a fact we have to admit it.

Most Haitians are in denial!

If you are Haitian and you are talking bad about the Dominican Republic, chances are you've never been there. You should pay them a visit. They are taking care of their business over there!

But in Haiti, sometimes I don't understand what the F is going on!

We have so called leaders running around with spears kicking and screaming and yelling like they're in 18th century Africa or something... Figuratively speaking...

Dechoukay la poko fini!

Oh God! I am sorry but I am screaming out of my head here!

Read this from MSN Money

Dominican Republic

Stable government? Growing economy? Glorious weather? Say yes to the Dominican Republic in your golden years. If you're seeking European flavor with Caribbean beaches, this is the country for you. What's more, it's easy to qualify for retiree residency -- all you need is proof of a monthly income of $1,500 and you can start enjoying the many perks and tax breaks that go with it.

Yes folks, they are telling all the retirees in the United States with a $1,500 monthly retirement check "Come spend your golden years in the Dominican Republic, bring your money with you, life is good over there, they have stability and white sandy beaches!"

You mean to tell me Haiti cannot attract these types of people who will most definitely bring more money to our economy simply because we have a big freaking sign on our forehead that says: "Poor country! Unstable! Governed by selfish bastards! Opposition wants to burn the place down! Do not go there!"

Oh Man! If I had the power to... Oh! I would... I'm not even gonna write what I am thinking right now!

There is no reason why Haiti cannot be just another peaceful Caribbean destination with, YES, stable government, growing economy...

We have the glorious weather...

We have the beautiful Caribbean beaches...

All we have to do is fill in the blanks but we keep listening and following idiotic leaders who want to burn the country down jiskobou!


Good luck with that!

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Paul says...

I have been to the Dominican Republic 4 years ago, and I was amazed at how better they are doing over there.

Would you believe that Haiti ruled the whole island for 25 years?

I heard that Michel Martelli built a mansion in the Dominican Republic while he was president.

How sad is

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Gerard says...

Woodring! You are right!
Something is definitely wrong with a country that keeps destroying its own assets and start all over again at zero.
The question

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Haiti Nouvelles says...

Kijan ou ka konpran...

2 peyi nan yon ti zilé, yonn ap pike devan, lòt la menm ap rantre pi fon nan yon trou nwa. Blan Meriken ap debake vin pran retrèt yo nan yonn epi lot la gen yon gwo pankat: Danger! Pa vini la! Dechoukay la poko fini! Ala A A

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Reynald St Fleur says...

Yes I feel your pain. It's a long time since I want to go back and enjoy the heat, the beatutiful blue sky, but the fear that I might be the victim of some sort of crime discourages me to go and I'm still suffering in the cold winter months inside.

Talk to them and tell them that many of us with skills want to make the country a

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