Haiti Saut-d'Eau Waterfall is Running out of Water

Shocking but True... Haiti's mystical waterfall, Seau-d'Eau is running out of water... How the hell did this happen?

Well it's simple really... While thousands of tourists have been flocking to Seau-d'Eau to bath in the 'seau' (the waterfall), the local residents have been busy cutting down the trees near the water source that feeds Seau-d'Eau.

Deforestation is has been a huge problem in Haiti for decades. now it is affecting even the religious sector in Haiti

Seau-d'Eau is one of Haiti's most important religious destination for Haitians and we cannot afford to loose this national landmark... Oh No... Not for CHARBON!

No Trees = No Rain

No Rain = No Water

No Water = No Seau d'Eau

I dont think we want to change the name Seau d'Eau to "SO DRY" do we?

There is only one option...

Stop cutting the danm trees in the country...

Attention l'Etat Haitien... Please quit trying to tell Haitians to "pran konsyans." Instead, Make laws, then ENFORCE the law...

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Marienurseaesthetician says...

The same problem with the Rainforest.

If you haven't already done so, you have to 1st be committed to raising awareness using all platforms not just [a Rant] one blog post about it to a virtually small audience.

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube [use Hashtags].

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Oxceva says...

Se leta haitien! M'vledi:Ministè agrikilti ki pou voye projè lwa bay palman haitien an sou proteksyon pye bwa nan tet morn yo.
Epi komanse ak system ergent obyen garde-forestier, ak kondisyon lifet san fè injitis sou peyizan yo.Epi chanje metod moun utilize pou fè manje nan peyi

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Patricia Dillon Rjm says...

another tragedy that should be

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Tamipko says...

Stop cutting down the trees preserve life. I would love to see it one day in person

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Jeff Herard says...

wher th legislations n th laws?

hw cud u be lookn fa investments all over th world, n u dnt 1st try toget th country in order..?

cuttin dwn trees is a serious problem dat need serious govrnment intervention 4 a better Haiti..cum on

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