New Site for Haitian Kids and Young Adults

How was your weekend?

I certainly hope it was wonderful because mine was great!

Today I have some news and updates for you!

New Site for Kids and Teens
Over 51,000 Video Game Cheat Codes

Great News for Haitian Video Game Owners!
Tell your kids, tell all your friends

Playstation Owners, PS2, Gameboy, Xbox, Gameboy Advanced... etc...

If you or someone you know plays video games, I just got my hands on OVER 51,000 Cheat codes for any game you can possibly think of...

I created a new site for you:


Do... Go... Cheat!... You got it?

Share your game codes!

If you know any secret codes, tips, and tricks, please do not keep them do yourself... Now you can share them with other Haitian Americans and the whole world!

Find the cheat codes in the list that you really need and add them to your favorites.

Try it now!

I plan to introduce a new section of fouye called "Fouye Kids" so I figured is a great way to introduce this new section.

My Weekend with a Haitian Super star!

Mind if I brag a little? ( a little bit of "Djolè" if you please... )

This weekend I had a very special guest at the Fouye mansion (LOL)...

Haitian Superstar Abner G. paid me a visit. This it the second time I met Abner G. The first time it was at the Miami showing of Haitian Movies "VIP" and "Le Miracle de La Foi".

Apparently, me and him, we have something in common, something I am not going to tell you... :)

Here is another little secret that you probably didn't know...

Some of the homeless people that you saw on Abner G's Video La Vi Pa Fini are real homeless people and not actors.

Meeting with Abner G. was very positive for me. We shared some thoughts and we shared some secrets.

For one thing I used his website to test a new feature that will be coming soon to Fouye!

If you want to see a sneak peak of this new feature, then head over to this link:

That's all I have to say about that!

Ed Lozama is Live on the Internet!

Remember sometime ago I mentioned to you that I get my morning motivational breakfast in a local radio show call "Ed Lozama Live"?

Well, the show not local anymore...

It's worldwide...

Yap Pale, N-ap Travay!

Head over to and catch Ed Lozama Live monday to Friday 8:00 am to 10:00 am

I guarrantee you, it will be the most exciting two hours you ever had.

If you have some time, be sure to listen to Ludner Plaisir for the show "Plaisir Ambiance" right after Ed Lozama Live. It is a truely a Compas learning experience.

One more thing!

I only make money when you visit our sponsors and when you do business with my sponsors.

SO... be sure to visit my sponsors, be sure so support them and buy from them...

and make sure is your homepage

Enjoy your week!


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