New Shelters Outside of Port-Au-Prince But NO Food!

CNN has just reported that some of the newly built tent cities outside of Port-au-Prince Haiti are running out of food supplies and, to make it worse, there are NO stores nearby to buy food even of you have the money.

The report was made about the Corail Resettlement camp, a government sponsored relocation camp outside of Port-au-Prince Haiti.

There are roughly 4,900 people there and 1,300 tents.

They say that, YES, it is much safer as far as security and flooding is concerned but...

There is NO food... Lots of empty stomachs...

The residents are not happy about it.

Some of the ladies who were interviewed said that their husbands are hitching rides all the way back to Port-au-Prince looking for day jobs so they can bring something back.

Don Lemon asks:

"So much money were given, where is all that money going?"

Since the story aired, CNN says, the Haitian government said they will provide each person in the camp with 15 days supply of food.

What happens two weeks from now?

Only time will tell...

I like Don Lemon's question...

So much money were given for food and earthquake relief, where is all that money going?

May be you have an answer.

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