New Prison in Northern Haiti to be built by a USA Construction Company

The US Government has just awarded a contract to a construction company in Maryland to build a two-story prison in Northern Haiti, This new prison will be designed to hold 300 prisoners...

PHOTO: Haiti Prison - Prisoner in Haiti

This new prison will be build in the town of Fort Liberté Haiti. Construction begins in October and should be completed by April 2016.

According to the US State Department, the contract for $5.6 million was awarded to DFS Construction LLC of Annapolis, Maryland.

The prison will also include includes an administration building and a one-story infirmary.

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Tigeorges says...

a country with no running water no roads no electricity now a jail to kill the soul of my brothers.

shame on the person that made this poor

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Tigeorges says...

bad move...Haiti don't need a

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Rose says...

Calling all HAITIANS who feels outraged of $5.6 million dollars that will funneled through Haiti and in the end leaves the Haitian people with what?

A empty building.

Is that what they

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Rose says...

Is this company going to hire Haitians or are they just coming to jail the

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Andris Paul says...

People lives will be changed thanks to a massive investment...

one hot meal daily! they will need

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Ricart says...

@Edrys Erisnor

Award the money to a Haitian firm?

If you do that nothing will get build and someone will pocket the money.

Plus, if you are getting something as a gift, you do not get to decide how it's going to be

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Edrys Erisnor says...

First of all, why the construction was not awarded to a Haitian Firm?

Think about it. When you think it's a gift to Haiti, it's actually kicks back or helping out their own fellow countrymen.

Secondly, this money would be better spent has it been used for construction of Modern, University style schools in

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Ernest Bellande says...

I believe it being necessary judging by the increasing amount of violence and delinquencies in today's societies.

Nonetheless I would venture to propose a serious study of the phenomenon by experts to determine the reasons and address the problem at the source in order to find elements of solutions at the roots and thus reducing it.

I truly believe the reason to be economical.

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