New on Google - Translate Haitian CREOLE in 57 Languages!

I have BIG a surprise for you... Google now translates any text and web sites from 57 different languages into Haitian Creole and vice-versa! Yes... Kreyol Baby...

Google Translate Haitian Creole

Try it now... Read this article in Haitian Creole!

I know many people in my mailing list who are NOT Haitian and who will be very happy to hear this... I'll tell you why in a minute...

Remember back in May 2007, I told you about the Google Haitian Creole translation project... Now it's a reality!

Also read:

Guess what...

Google is not the only one providing translation service in Haitian Creole. No... No... No...

10 days after the Haiti earthquake, Microsoft announced that they were taking a number of initiatives to make sure that Haitian Creole support is available in Bing Translator and other Microsoft Translator powered services.

Depi Frevrye wi, mezanmi, Google ap jere nou!

What this means to Non-Haitians who want to learn Creole:

Not long ago, I got an email from one of my readers asking me to help her translate a couple of sentences to from English to Haitian Creole.

She made me realize something that, up until she contacted me, I never even thought about.

Not only are there tens of thousands of foreign workers and missionaries in Haiti who are trying very hard to say a few Haitian Creole words but...

There are many American citizens and others from around the world who have adopted children in Haiti, or are in the process of adopting.

Believe me, if you are Haitian, if you are fluent in Haitian Creole, I don't think you will appreciate a simple "Mwen Renmen-w" (I love you) or "Bondye beni-w" (God bless you) as much as a foreign parent, in the process of adopting a child in Haiti, who is trying to put those words on a birthday card to send to that child in Haiti.

Well, now it is as simple as going to, write what you want to say, and select "Haitian Creole"

Epi that's it!

I guess now... All our FRENCH speaking government officials in Haiti who forgot their KREYOL will finally pick up a few words... SMH!!!


How do you feel about this new Google Creole translation service?

How will it benefit you?

Reply with your comments

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All Comments (5)

Georges says...

mwen kontan sa...paske gen anpil ayisyen ki toujou ap meprize lang kreyol la..yo bliye si se te lang manman yo ak papa yo..kreyol se lang zanset nou yo...


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Franckner Larece says...

Great news, I hope now others States in US will followed FLORIDA to have the legal forms translate in KREYOL too. Even thou as a register Interpreter/Translater it will not be in my advantage.

But very glad for my Brothers and Sisters Haitian.

God bless

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Pablo Rod says...

Sorry, Woodring you're late! I've been using this feature for quite a while

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Yo El says...

Master Woodring
This Is great for the haitian creole language, and Its also good for haitian pride.

As a non haitian but creole speaker I have had to correct some

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Barbara says...

Just excellent news Woodring!!! Must be lots of people like me who are sponsoring a child in Haiti
( through organizations like Baptist Haiti Mission) and would like to write messages, in Creole, for
Birthday/ Christmas/ Thinking of You notes.

Thanks for the ' heads

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