The Haitian Baseball Association? This is New...

Move over Haitian soccer fans... Baseball is coming to Haiti... Say Hello to the AHBS, l'Association Haitienne de Baseball et de Softball (The Haitian Baseball and Softball Association)

Ah... BS... LOL

No BS... Tout bon wi!

Until the late 1980s, Major league baseballs were made in Haiti until Rawlings, the official supplier of baseballs to the major leagues, moved its facility from Haiti to Costa Rica.

Now it looks like Haiti will soon be recognized as a manufacturer of Baseball players

WOW... It will be fun eating Griot ak Bannan Peze instead of hot dogs at a baseball game for a change! LOL...

Instead of summarizing everything I've read so far about the new Haitian Baseball and Softball Association, let me share with you 3 sources where you can get more information:

  1. AHBS, The Haitian Baseball and Softball Association launches Baseball in Haiti (Le Matin) - This article talks about the official launch of the Haitian Baseball Association and the exhibition games that took place on November 17, the day of the lauhnch and all the new Baseball clubs already put together since.
  2. Haitian Baseball Association Launches ( - In that article said that there are "no current professional baseball players from Haiti."
  3. There are Many Professional Baseball Players born in Haiti ( - I had no idea but a commentator on's forum flatly reject the statement that there are professional baseball players from Haiti. He provided a surprising list of 13 Minor League Basebal players born in Haiti... Wow... I didn't know...

Se gro kose wi... You learn something new everyday...

  • What do you think about Baseball in Haiti?
  • How long do you think it will take to pick up?
  • You think Haitians will eventually jump for joy when the New York Yankees win the World Series?

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Jwag says...

That's some awesome news, yes I think that there are a lot of Haitian's playing Baseball, I couldn't tell you any one famous but the game is large and it is spreaded all over the US. I think Haiti will be a good location for baseball and these new clubs should do well.

Baseball does not require a lot of equipment and if you have a stick (Bat), any kind of Ball you have a game. Who needs bases, you can use what ever you have laying around to be the bases (Like we did back in the day).

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Ilera Harold Fleurine says...

It is a good news for haiti if the MLB choose haiti right now I was one who discust that with my boss to help me to bring baseball to haiti, when he find out baseball was mantion in haiti before and move to costarica he just give up.That IS A VERRY GOOD NEWS FOR YONG PEOPLE IN

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Labelle says...

WHY NOt!!!!! I have three sons who are currently playing baseball.

One is a sophmore with scouts already telling him that come next year when they can officially talk to him to look out for them. He keeps saying he would be the 1st Haitain sensation Baseball player ...

His words.

And mommy is all for

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