Nepal MINUSTAH Soldiers Accused of bringing cholera to Haiti.

There are rumors that MINUSTAH soldiers from Nepal are the source of the cholera epidemic in Haiti. A Nepalese MINUSTAH base in near Mirebalais Haiti is currently under investigation. Wait until you hear how Nepal responded to this accusation... READ READ READ... LOBEY...


You didn't know UN soldiers carried biological weapons? LOL

Did the Nepalese soldiers bring cholera to Haiti?

What I am about to tell you will shock you

First... Here is shocking news:

The cholera strain found in Haiti is called "Vibrio cholerae O1 Ogawa biotype El Tor" AND... This strain of cholera is endemic to Nepal...

ENDEMIC Definition: "Native to or confined to a certain region - a disease that is constantly present to a greater or lesser degree in people of a certain class or in people living in a particular location"

Sa vle di Cholera ki Haiti-a, se Nepal li soti...

Read this from the Associated Press

... U.N. investigators took samples of foul-smelling waste trickling behind a Nepalese peacekeeping base toward an infected river system on Wednesday, following persistent accusations that excrement from the newly arrived unit caused the cholera epidemic...

... Mission spokesman Vincenzo Pugliese confirmed... that the military team was testing for cholera... the first public acknowledgment that the 12,000-member force is directly investigating allegations its base played a role in the outbreak...

... Local politicians... are pointing the finger at the Nepalese peacekeeping base... "They are located exactly where the sickness started," Mirebalais Mayor Laguerre Lochard said...

Did the Nepalese soldiers bring cholera to Haiti?

So far it is only an accusation and it is not confirmed but there are 3 more things you need to know

1 - There was a cholera outbreak in Nepal this summer
2 - A new Nepalese unit arrived in Haiti recently
3 - The MINUSTAH Nepalese Base is by the river where the outbreak started.
4 - The virus is endemic (native) to Nepal

Gen yon denye seisman mwen poko ba-w...

Want to know how Nepal responded to this accusation? Let me shock you!

Nepal banned the Huffington Post for publishing yesterday that the source of Haiti's cholera outbreak could be from a Nepalese peacekeeping base....


Anyone from Nepal who post this type of information on Facebook and Twitter could be jailed for up to five years and fined as much as $1,420 (this according to the Associated press)

Men Zin! LOL...

What do you think?

Reply with your comments.

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Paulette says...

J. Lagraaso and T. Walters,

You two should get a patent for the hallucinageic drugs you are on.
The taxes from your sales revenues could pay down the US budget deficit.

If you are not on drugs, you need to remember that racism, like anger
corrodes the

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Nepal says...

im frm nepal it worries me what is happening in haiti.

but its not true that you go to prison for prinint these stuff in nepal.

its a lie infact i found out about the nepalese being blamed from nepalese press.

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Concern About Haiti says...

This is so sad. The people of Haiti need to pray and ask God for his Grace.

It takes an American scientist to research and culture the specimen for the source of cholera.why not an Haitian scientist?

Is there a center for disease in Haiti?

if no why not?

isn't Haiti an independant country?

Haitian need to be more careful in choosing their

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Alister Wm Macintyre says...

According to discussions on HEAS, the labs that can test the stuff still had not received it by this weekend.

Some doctors have been asking how to collect river water samples and deliver to the labs ...

there is a BIG problem transporting the stuff by commercial airliner ...

let's suppose you have a bottle of water and you suspect Cholera in it ...

airport security will give you a really hard

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Sergo Jean says...

Mesie map di nou yon bagay eseye le nou ap pale nou pa di God is sending a message to all Haitian.Who are you to say that?

loske wap pale, ou pale pou tet paw ou.Not for God, We are His children, He loves us and all the world.

Le Franse yo te al pran gran paran nou yo, yo tal cheche pou fe esclav yo te goumen pou pitit peyi ka vin lib.Se libete sa nou genyen an Haiti, nou lib epi te ya vin pou nou menm.move lide ki viole lwa yo pemet Haiti jan ou wel la.yo panse lot peyi pibon pase yo e yo deside pou yo pa travay ni respecte parol yo jwen nan lwa peyi a.gade pou we loske ou viole yon lwa li pote troub nan vi lot moun ou byen tet paw ou we la yo se violasyon lwa yo e mank de respe pou sa ki te pase avan nou yo.tout moun ou we ki fet sou te sa vin menjan.mayi donnen menm jan, si ou vle plante wap gen plis, si ou pa vle ou pap gen mayi anko ou ka vin grangou men God never say to people stop working in your life.The evil say to you someone will take care of you, domi, manje demen nap mouri pa gen problem.Mwen panse nou Haitian nou bezwen kanpe pou defan sa ki just nan lavi epi chanjman ki pou fet la, ap paret e blayi nan tout peyi. sispan pale sa nou pa konnen avec bouch nou sof di laverite a lot

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Marc says...

Nou rayichien m'espere nou ap pran note, paske si se pat divizion chyen a sa yo patap janm gen acse pou rantre nan peyi nou vin afekte nou ak maladi kochon ke yo genyen

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Choublak says...

If these Nepalese soldiers are guilty the Haitian government need to get to the bottom of this. That is not fair to Us Haitians who are struggling to live. They need to be sent back where they belong.

They are living a great life in Haiti by doing nothing! GET THEM OUT OF

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John Lagrasso says...

Cholera is God-sent!!
The black beast of the field is just that!!
Shame on the GOD-HATERS who get in the way of the LORDS work.
May ye all burn in a Devils hell

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Teresa Walters says...

I seen that story.

I saw another story on Fox news where the Cholrea was being spread because Haitians were eating small dead children.

I saw another story where cattle, goats, and cats were being raped by Haitian men. Gangs of roving negro men have been raping herds of cattle and goats then showering in their urine to make their hair

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John Lagrasso says...

Amen teresa...the negro hath no soul.
I saw a female negro on cnn(communist news network)who was rescued after 4 days under the rubble of the Quake

i quote ger"my chirrens woulda died if not fro sucking the moistures froms my bloody kertex fro nurishments, praise o

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