Let us place our names on the wall of fame, not on the wall of shame

Let us place our names on the wall of fame, not on the wall of shame.

I totally agree with the idea that, we can live forever on this Earth if we do something in our communities for others to Remember us after we leave.

But which wall would you rather be remembered in? The wall of fame or the wall of shame?

The Haitians who are living aboard have already achieved their first step towards success. They just have to learn not to take life for granted and to use the opportunity wisely. They are not to wait for hands out to them.

Let's tell it like it is.

Some Haitians who lives abroad are not ambitious.

  • They actually forget why they came to United States of America and the conditions in which they were living in Haiti.
  • They fall into their molds with their indisputable bad habits.
  • They are satisfied with the low salaries incomes.
  • They do not find or have the time to go to school to better their lives so their children can live a homogeneous lifestyle.
  • However, they do find the time to play dominos, Cards and drinking Rhum Barbancourt 5 stars with their friends.
  • They find the time to go out dancing every weekend; and to disrespect their friends' wives and daughters.

(Les Haitians se sont trop bombochés et gaspillent leur vie.)

Some Haitians aboard do not think or want to think of what they are doing.

As long they have a car with a Haitian flag hanging in the rearview mirror and one wrap around their heads, they think it's Okay.

These types of behaviors do not have a positive influence in our community.

These type of characters and personalities can only be placed on the wall of shame.

The outsider looking in.

If most Haitians were doing the right things aboard in their communities and not acting ridiculously, their positive efforts would live forever.

Let's place our names on the wall of fame by contribute some of the money we would spend every weekend on Rhum Barbancourt 5 stars, in parties, and on unnecessary things; and donate the money to the needed ones in Haiti.

There are more money spent on Haitian flags aboard then the amount of money spent to feed the people in Haiti.

Haitians are very proud of the flag but not their country.

Who do you think is profiting when you buy the Haitian flags, Haiti or the American Companies and the Merchants?

"It doesn't mean a thing, if itn't got that swing".

If the people in Haiti are going to bed hungry, the children of the land are been misused and abused by others, celebrating the Flag of Haiti is immoral.

Let's get our independence again by supporting the children of Haiti and we can live forever on the walls of fame, not on the wall of shame.

We Haitians are remarkable.

One mold satisfies us all.

We do not need so many flags to identify that we're Haitians.

The amount of money we spend on the Haitian's flags and others products could be used to feed the children of Haiti.

If every Haitian aboard would to send an amount of $2.00 to $ 20.00 monthly to Haiti, that would place us on the Wall of fame rather then on the Wall of shame.

Can we imagine the effect, the impact, that would have on Haiti and to the rest of the world if all Haitian businesses and entertainment enterprises would to donate a percentage (%) of 3.0% to 5.0% of each dollar sale they make, and with the individuals donations to a Foundation which can be created from the Haitians aboard for the needed children in Haiti?

That would place us on the wall of of fame and closer to "eternal life on earth" as mentioned my Woodring Saint Preux in his article.

Our love, pride and self-respect as Haitians would shine through out the entire world.

What make us the Haitians any different then the other nationalities who donate money to help their countries?

Can we answer that question?

I would commit myself to donate the amount of $20.00 monthly to support the needs of Haiti.

What about you?

Can you commit yourself to donate the amount of $5.00 monthly to the needs of Haiti?

What is the sense of supporting the community businesses and enterprises if they're not willing to support the motherland "Haiti Cheri"?

To my understanding, I do believe the words "live forever" mean becoming a legend for others to follow after we leave this earth.

Well, Haiti is a community in which we can become legends and have reasons for celebrations.

We Haitians can move a mountain if we are united.

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