My Laptop, My phone is OBSOLETE... But I just bought it...

Old Laptop, Old Phone - When Will My Gadget Become Obsolete?
Do you have a piece of electronic equipment (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) that is becoming obsolete in your hands? It looks brand new... You took great care of it... It works... But suddenly there is this one thing you want to do with it and you get this message: "Your device is not compatible with this software!"

I have to admit that some people just HAVE TO go out and get the latest and greatest... Believe me, I was one of them for many years... But I've changed... I just want the danm thing to work.

A friend of mind in Haiti had an iPhone 3G unlocked that a family member sent for him from the United States. He was very happy with it UNTIL... He wanted to install the SKYPE app in it only to learn that the newest version of Skype is not compatible with the iPhone 3G...

Another friend has a Samsung Galaxy Android tablet, and he suddenly discovers that he the BBM app is not compatible with this version... The man is pissed... He barely used the tablet, kept it showroom clean, and now he has to sell it for peanuts and buy a brand new one IF he wants to use an app?

What do you think about that?

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Paul I can relate to all of your situations, because I am experiencing all of them, painfully:) In the case of the iPhone that is not compatible with the... see more
Reply · January 19 at 12:09 PM

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