Multiple murders reported along the Haiti-Dominican Border

Accusations of murder is coming from both sides of the Haiti-Dominican border this weekend... 23 Nov 2013, reports: Massacre At Malpasse Ongoing - Over 30 Haitians Murdered By Machette And Gunfire, Many Wounded As They Attempt To Flee Dominican Republic. On the same day, Dominican Newpaper Hoy reports: [Neiba DR] Haitian lynch mob accused of killing elderly [70 year old Dominican] couple... Kisa-w konnen? Kisa-w tande?

Haiti Dominican Flag - Crime Scene
Haiti Dominican Flag - Crime Scene

I was shocked to read about "Over 30 Haitians murdered..." I have not been able to read it from any other source

Read the story from

One thing I know for sure is that, if a Haitian national is suspected for killing a Dominican national, worse two elderly couple, in rural Dominican republic, there will be retaliation...

Read the Dominican story from

This not the kind of news you want to wake to on a Sunday morning but... What can I say?

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Ricart says...

Go ahead, close the border with the Dominican Republic.

At the end of the day, Haiti need DR more than DR need Haiti.

And the fact that DR is hosting as many as 1.2 million illegal immigrants from Haiti attest to

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Jean Maurice says...

Dominicans hardly have any products in the Dominican republic that's for the Dominican Republic.

Majority of the junk that Haiti buy from the Dominican republic is either made by a major American factory or the Chinese brings it.

You Dominicans don't rule or run nothing in the Dominican republic...

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Guerrier says...

I would like to let to the Dominicans guy that said they gave the Haitians jobs and school.

Your schools are NOT free, they're paying for that.

And also, you're talking about jobs you're treating them like slaves, beat them, kill them when you want.

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Bermann says...

Mira este dominicano que no respeta la personalidad de uno.

Con todo respeto, usted puede hablar caballa con otra persona que no saben quien son y entra ilegalmente en tu pais.

Recuerda los estudiantes Hatianos, nos son cualquiera, son persona que tiene par de su moneda, que viene a investir en tu pais como igual un dominicano puede entrar en estados unidos a estudiar.

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Andre Lafond says...

We urge the Haitian government to close the borders as soon as possible in order to force the Dominican Republic to respect human rights and to treat the Haitian community as people.

In case the Haitian government is powerless to do that we beg the brave people of Haiti to do something to stop the Dominican Republic from murdering our brothers and sisters living among them.

Haitian people do what you can, measure yourself up to restore your dignity of a

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Ricart says...

@ Pawol La Sou Facebook...

Go ahead, boycott Dominican products and services to your heart-content.

Buy all your junks from other countries or eat mud cookies.

I question the wisdom of Haitians that call for a boycott of Dominican products and services, when Haitian citizens living in the DR depend on those commodities to send money back home. We give you job and let you study in our schools and

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Pawol La Sou Facebook says...

Sispann jwe mizik dominiken nan stasyon radio ayisyen yo. M pa kwe gen stasyon dominiken ki jwe mizik ayisyen.

An nou boykote tout pwodui dominiken, an nou pa frekante biznis dominiken, restoran, maket, stidyo d bote, hotel, pa kouche fanm panyol nan kafe yo, an solidarite ak, 30 konpatriyot nou yo ke dominiken touye aye samdi 23 novanm lan, ak kout machet, katouch, pik

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Woody says...

Nouvel La an Kreyol -- Moun ap mouri wi laa sou fontyè Haitiano-Dominicain an...

Ta sanble gen 2 Haitien yo akize ki tiye 2 granmoun dominicain 70zan nan zonn Neiba, Dominican ap fe revanj...

Hoy Dia di anpil Haitien nan zon la te al pran refij nan kek station polis...

Kisa-w tande?


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