MTV Calls Emeline Michel 'The Joni Mitchell of Haiti' wrote an article about Haitian singer Emeline Michel with the title: "Haitian Singer Emeline Michel Introduced To U.S. On Telethon."

Emeline Michel at Haiti Telethon
Emeline Michel at Haiti Telethon

Here is a photo of Emeline in her sparkling night at the Hope For Haiti Now Telethon:

I don't about you but If MTV is talking about a Haitian musician, I guess it's safe to assume that the Millions are not far behind...

If you're really a prince... I'll marry you!... Do you remember that line in movie Coming to America? I don't don't why it came to mind while I'm sitting here writing this!

Anyway... I need to get my sense of humor back...

Here is a video of her performance at the Hope for Haiti telethon. The song Many Rivers To Cross was written In 1969 By Jamaican Singer Jimmy Cliff.

(video not available)

The other interesting part of the article, is the subtitle wich read: "The 'Joni Mitchell of Haiti' has been performing all over the world for more than two decades."

I did a little research to find out who Joni Mitchell and I have to tell you...

When Joni got her big break... she won a Grammy Award for Best Folk Performance!

So degaje-w Emeline... Ale cheche Grammy-an pote vini cheri!

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Nasyonsoley says...

Emeline was invited by the director of the show who wanted a female haitian voice next to Wylcef.

She had the choice between some titles, she chose the song which fitted the best to the event.

Everything was made in 24/48 hours.

What do you think about the performance, it is what what matters.

The criticisms are good as for the

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B. Murphy-bridge says...

Well that brought tears to my eyes as I was having my fist cup of java this morning - mama mia what moving lyrics.and Emeline sang it beautifully.

Her voice brought to my mind the incredible, the one and only Mahalia

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Jake The Snake says...

I guess it will take some time for Haitian people to understand that there is such a thing called STANDARD

when you are on the world stage, you have to behave a certain way

I realy like your comment, it makes alot of

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Tamy says...

Because it was required of her..she was given 3 choices of songs in english..It had to be in english because it was broadcasting all over the world in order to reach out to everyone to donate..she' has chosen that song simply bcz it was meant to move, touch,people.

She did not have much a choice and I think she did a very good job, The question we all should ask is Why was she the only haitian singer..where were the rest of them,,, did they need an invite to participate or could they have initiated it, offered?

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Marvin says...

Wyclef already made a name for himself, he can basically do whatever he wants, Emeline cannot to that.

I think he did a wonderful job.

This was a worldwide ENGLISH event, and she made the right choice in singing that

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Winerx says...

It was a disaster to me when i was watching Emeline Michell singing in CNN the performance was very poor.

why did she not singing in her soul style or a version in creol like

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Pascale says...

Oh Joni Mitchell is no joke! I think the comparison is very

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