More People Dying from Cholera In Haiti, Death Toll Rises to 440

FLASH - Cholera death toll in Haiti jumped by 40 percent in less than one week to 442 deaths... More than 105 people died in the last 7 days...

Haiti Medical Alert

The total number of cholera cases in Haiti has risen to 6,742

This is according to news released to day by Haitian health authorities.

So far it has been determined that that this cholera outbreak did not originate from Haiti...

Nope... it's imported...

But the question we should be asking is...

How do we stop it?

Cholera will thrive in an atmosphere that is unsanitary. I hate to admit it but Haiti is not the cleanest environment in the world.

How many people will die before this is all over?

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Alex Miramontes says...

what happened to all the money given to haiti relief! how can people die with the millions of dollars that were sent to them for aid, its so cruel to watch the irresponsiblilty of what is

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Myeeficat says...

Ok, let's get this thing clear.

1. Haiti's predicament has nothing to do with

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Sasha says...

About more than

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Pierre Richard Duclet says...

peoples are dying, because we pray only never take action to do something.God loves us, but we have to do something by

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Martine Civil says...

A bundle, No question ask if this people is not out we are

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Marie says...

Is not a dream, neither an HORROR movie we watched on TV in the NEWS
Around the entire world have been mysterious things happen

BUT, for HAITI a little Island is the WORST ONE paying the HIGHER

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Sandra Pierre says...

I think we all need to be on ours knee praying for haiti .because it's is our contry Gob bless

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Subject: More People Dying from Cholera In Haiti, Death Toll Rises to 440 edit

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