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Why is there so little Haitian Business presence on the Web?

Build Your Website Now - Easy, Simple, Powerful Website Builder‎ With all the Haitian businesses out there, less than one percent of them are online! more »

Haiti U-17 Soccer Team Banned and Humiliated In Jamaica

The Haitian U-17 National soccer team has just been banned from the qualifying tournament for the U-17 world championships because... Read this... Jamaican authorities fear these young Haitian soccer players and their trainers will somehow infect Jamaica with cholera! more »

My Haiti Kanaval Plans have been Cancelled, Wait till you find out why!

I have Good News and I have Bad News... You want to know how I am spending my Valentines Day today? This Valentines Day story has sad written all over it! more »

Haitian Politics : What is "Politique de Doublure" does it still exist?

Haiti National Palace... Once upon a time in Haiti... You want to know how deeply rooted Haiti's political problem is and its relationship with the dominant class? Read this... "Politique de Doublure," I just found out, refers to Haitian politics from the mid 19th century where the mulattoes used black presidents as figureheads. more »

Driving to Port-au-Prince airport, not a single car on the road after gas price hike protests

PHOTO: Haiti - Empty streets, no cars on the road It's not everyday you get to drive to Port-au-Prince International Airport and find out there's absolutely NO cars on the road. That's what we saw in a short video being shared on social media one day after a mayor street protest that paralyzed Port-au-Prince, more »

UPDATE : Manifestation 7 Juillet - Dife Toupatou, Delimart, Eagle Market, Best Western elatriye...

Haiti Manifestation - Saturday July 07 2018 Street Protests Men Nouvel k ap sikile sou Rezo Zosyo yo ak sou radio ki an direk jounen Manifestation Samedi 7 Juillet 2018 la: more »

FLASH : Haitian Gang Leader 'Tet Kale' is Dead (AUDIO)

Haitian Gang Leader Junior 'Tet Kale' Decimus arrested by police Junior Decimus, a Haitian gang leader known as 'Tet Kale' who was terrorizing the third district of Port-au-Prince including Grand-Ravine for many years died Thursday afternoon in the neighbourhood of Ti Bois. (audio report below) more »

World Cup : Flag sales down in Haiti after poor performance of Brazil and Argentina

The sale of soccer team flags are down in Haiti after poor performance of Brazil and Argentina, two favorites of Haitian soocer fans, in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. more »

Madonna had a Famous Haitian Boyfriend - Did you know?

Jean-Michel Basquiat was a famous Haitian-American artist and ex-boyfriend of famous American singer Madonna. more »

Approved: $75 Million IDA grant to build better roads in Haiti

Haiti Dirt Roads - Boc Banic, Near The Dominican Border More than 350,000 people in rural Haiti will benefit from improved access to all weather roads, local markets and health centers in the South, South East and Nippes departments as a result of a new US$ 75 million grant from the International Development Association (IDA) approved today by the Board of Executive Directors of the World Bank. more »