Haiti University Hospital of Mirebalais in Financial Difficulty

Have you heard??? The Haiti university hospital of Mirebalais is going through some serious financial problems. Hospital managers have difficulty finding funds to operate and the Haitian government is not helping...

Hopital Universitaire De Mirebalais - Haiti

A state of the art hospital, the 205,000-square foot, 300-bed solar-powered facility is fully equipped but without money it cannot operate.

Funding for the Mirebalais University Hospital is based on four key pillars: the public sector, philanthropy, patient contributions, and contributions from bilateral and multilateral donors, according to Haitian newspaper Le Nouvelliste.

As philanthropy declines, bilateral and multilateral partners and donors who in the past have no problem getting their hands on the pocket now become more reluctant.

"It's extremely complicated for us," said the hospital's funding manager, Dr. Réginald Ternier.

Keep in mind, the University Hospital of Mirebalais, l'hôpital universitaire de Mirebalais, is the largest hospital in operation in Haiti.

What is the future for this amazing medical wonder?

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