Miss Haiti Carolyn Desert cancels contract with Miss Haiti Committee and Ministry of Tourism (Shocking Story)

Miss Haiti Carolyn Desert drops a bombshell note on Facebook Sunday publicly acknowledging that she is spending money out her own pocket to represent Haiti... "I officially cut my contract with the Miss Haiti committee and Ministry of Tourism," she says...

PHOTO: Carolyn Desert - Miss Haiti 2014

She posted the note on her Facebook page in Haitian Creole. within 2 hours it was shared over 300 times with over 1200 likes and 600 comments.

According to the note, she is vexed due to the way she is being treated by the Miss Haiti committee, she is not given any money to represent Haiti, she is spending out of her own pocket.

Carolyn Desert even told a story about being left to dry at a foreign airport where she had to beg other contestants for money so she could return to Haiti with her luggage..

Read this from Carolyn...

"Maten an kem finn kontan finalis etc... rive ayewopo.. booooom...men bill ou "$344.18" . Mwen fe manmanm rele ayiti pou mande sak pase ...

dame lan di ke ministere te fe le necessaire... le manmanm mande sa ki li necessaire.. li di li pa konnen e ke a leu sa yo paka fe anyen pou mwen.

Donk... mwen pran sue nan yon fredi... stress montem e sim rate avyon an se yon lot tike pou peye e pa gen jan pou voye malet yo apre.

Donk moblije mandye. Mande chak miss ki te avem yon kontribusyon apre mwen mete balans la sou yon kat san fon. mwen kriye telman mwrn vekse..


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Rachel Gerdes says...

si sa on munitre tourist pa ka regler, ou pa min ka fe dignite pays, koman ou pral fe tourist vin Haiti.

saplus ke on honte.

Heureusement Caroline gin bon

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Marisa says...

Li byen fet retire magouye sa yo sou

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Lena says...

steffanie know better than that as minister of touris I think she have a problem with her I feel bad for her and shame for Haiti Haiti make us sham all time see Nassau Bahamas and santo domingo no respect for

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Fran says...

That's a shame; Haiti has money to do something right at least; they just don't care. How sad for her to go thru that. Keep your chin

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Subject: Miss Haiti Carolyn Desert cancels contract with Miss Haiti Committee and Ministry of Tourism (Shocking Story) edit

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