MINUSTAH Plans to bring Dominican soldiers in Haiti?

FLASH... MINUSTAH is about to bring 800 Dominican soldiers on Haitian soil. Is this a move to Humiliate Haiti or what? How do you feel about this?

Haiti Neg Mawon Dominican Flag On Fire

I don't think the UN Haiti Stabilization Mission (MINUSTAH) really understand what this means to the Haitian people.

I don't think they freakin' care...

Will Preval agree to this?

Are they trying to give Haitians a new reason to re-invent guerilla warfare?

What??? Dominican Soldiers... Zam a la men... Sou te Dessalines nan???

Bon Fout...

Haiti occupied the Dominican Republic for more than 20 years and they cannot wait to return the favor...


M'ap ekri sa-a epi tout san nan ko-m ap bouyi... Are you freaking kidding me?

Read some comments from a Dominican website and you'll understand why this is simply ridiculous...

nyf4life writes...

"We all know Haitians hate Dominicans. Especially those uneducated Haitians that don't know about the DR. I hope the soldiers are not provoked by them."

Yucahu writes...

"I say send em, Haiti is ours like it or not. We have to take care of the moron Haitians, I love it when Haitians say "we are intellectuals, we are this, we are that"...Look at your country and you will know what you are. A bunch of losers!!!"

Me li wi mezanmi...

Me li...

Men rezulta-a...

Will Preval agree to this?

What do you think about this?

I really want to know how you feel about this...

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Patrick says...

It s true that Dominican Rep is a part of ONU -casques bleus- there is a news paper /El Dia/ got out with this news on tuesday 28 sept 2010 that inform the dominican soldier will be in Minustah autorized by ONU.
Even we accept the argentin, brasilien, chilien, chinese, african soldiers, and so on...we might accept them, but about the history problem we got....it s impossible...

The president Leonel Fernandez doesn-t think about the haitain people who are living in his country.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

We need to kill preval and the rest of the monkeys if that happen.

My great grand-pa always tell me about the

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Joel Dominican says...

ok, you all have a good night.


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Rudy Etienne says...


First of all, I was not replying to your comment.

My response was about the person(s) who wrote the comments below:

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Joel Dominican says...

well let me tell you that yes i know all the history.

I am about to graduate from college and i am not a mediocre.

all my haitians friends who work here can tell you about me. I do not deny that there are recist dominican but so there are haitians .you know what. if one day you come here and join a company you are going to swallow your own words and see that, what you believe in generalis not right.

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Joel Dominican says...

come here to study, make money and live like a king. teaching french or something and buy a good house.

do not hate. hatred do not lead you to any good place but make your live sour and

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Joel Dominican says...

For Woodring Saint Preux:I am glad that you said that. Not all Dominicans hate haitians and not all haitians hate dominicans.

I can tell you because i have haitians friends in the Dominican Republic and we hang out even in the universities here and that is not a problem.

The come to play soccer and we go to haiti too. The have business here too and people go and buy. It is true that haitians and Dominicans have had many problems but things are changing.

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Sergo Jean says...

Mwen panse mounn kap dirije pat prepare pou pos sa. ansyen Prezidan Balaguer te di Prezidan kreten Aristide si li te limenm, li pa tap craze lame an Haiti, pandan ke li explike rol yon lame nan yon peyi. Li pat tande loske lal nan UN li declare lame D'Haiti pa existe.kote lal peye pri sa tre che.Nan plan ni se te retire Lame mete chime.

ki bawou sa ou we la kounye ya nan peyi Haiti.

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Rudy Etienne says...

Bad idea! it disgust me to even think about it, especially after reading the two comments of "I presume" two Dominicans idiots.

I don't have anything against the Dominicans but I want to believe that those two comments are the view of a minority who obviously, has no clue about the history of Haiti and for that matter the history of their own country, the Dominican

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Joel Dominican says...

Hola a todos! no tengan miedo que nada va a pasar ; yo le puedo decir que soy dominicano.

Nosotros no tenemos pensado invadir haiti.

Si quieren me pueden creer.

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