Haitians file NEW cholera lawsuit against the United Nations

A new group of Haitians have filed another lawsuit against the United Nations over the thousands of cholera deaths in Haiti they claim the UN is responsible for... more »

Savon Idole, Haitian women use it a lot... Why?

Savon Idole, Haitian women use it a lot There is a skin whitening soap in Haiti called IDOLE, I notice that Haitian women of all shades and color are using it... Menm grimelle ap itilize IDOLE... Why is that? more »

Ecole Nationale des Infirmieres de Port-au-Prince - Do School Records Still Exist?

Haiti health, Haiti Hospital, Haiti Medical One of my readers want to know: "Was the Ecole Nationale d'Infirmieres Simone Ovide Duvalier in Port-au-Prince completely destroyed in the earthquake? If so are there records in existence somewhere for a 1974-1976 alumni? If you know, would you please share with me. I would be forever grateful to you." more »

AH1N1 Flu Alert - 5 dead in Dominican Republic, No Cases Detected in Haiti.

Haiti Medical Alert Earlier this week, Dominican health officials confirmed that 5 people have died in the Dominican Republic from the Influenza A virus subtype H1N1. Haiti is on alert, no cases of influenza have been detected in Haiti according to Dr. Guirlaine Raymond Charite, director of the Haiti Department of Public Health and Population (MSPP). more »

Mirebalais Haiti Solar-Powered University Hospital Now Open

Hopital Universitaire De Mirebalais - Haiti On May 24 2013, Partners in Health posted on their website that the University Hospital in Mirebalais, Haiti, had already reached 4,239 registered patients as of May 3rd. more »

Cholera, the Disaster brought to Haiti by UN People

Most people... don't even know that United Nations troops brought cholera to Haiti in October of 2010... more »

FIRST In Haiti - Two New Babies Born from In-Vitro Fertilization

CHITAI Haiti - In Vitro Fertilization Haiti Health News -- In-Vitro fertilization is now a reality in Haiti. Haitian doctors have just given birth to two newborn babies, in Port-au-Prince, both from In-Vitro fertilization. more »

Origin Of Haiti Cholera Outbreak Confirmed, UN Haiti Cholera Report Completed!

Haiti health, Haiti Hospital, Haiti Medical Finally, The United Nations admits that the source of the cholera outbreak in Haiti is from fecal matter from United Nations peacekeepers, MINUSTAH in Mirebalais... Well not exactly... more »

Pregnant Haitian Women Crossing To DR to Give Birth

JIMANI, Dominican Republic - Hours before giving birth, some Haitian woman are crossing the border to the Dominican Republic to give birth? more »

Origin Of Haiti Cholera Outbreak FOUND!

Scientists confirmed - It was a group of peacekeepers from Nepal that brought the cholera to Haiti. more »