List of Haitian NFL Players

Here is the complete list of Haitians and American Football players of Haitian descent playing in the NFL, the National Football league:

NFL Player Pierre Garcon

KEVIN PIERRE-LOUIS, No. 57, Kansas City Chiefs. Position: Linebacker. Pierre-Louis is of Haitian descent. His father is from Leogane and his mother's family lives in Port-au-Prince.

FRITZGERALD TOUSSAINT, No. 33, Pittsburgh Steelers. Position: Running back. Toussaint grew up in Youngstown, Ohio, to a Haitian father and to an African American mother.

GIOVANI BERNARD, No. 25, Cincinnati Bengals Position: Running back. Bernard is the son of Haitian immigrant parents, who own a dry cleaning business in Boca Raton, Florida.

MACKENZY BERNADEAU, (#73) aka "The Gladiator" starter offensive lineman for Dallas Cowboy

WHITNEY MERCILUS, No. 59, Houston Texans. Position: Outside linebacker. Mercilus is of Haitian descent, born in Akron, Ohio.

STANLEY ARNOUX, New Orleans Saints, linebacker

CLIFF AVRIL, Detroit Lions, defensive end

D'ANTHONY BATISTE, Denver Broncos, offensive tackle

JACQUES CESAIRE, San Diego Chargers, defensive end

JUNIOR GALETTE, New Orleans Saints, defensive end

GOSDER CHERILUS, Detroit Lions, offensive tackle

ANTONIO CROMARTIE, New York Jets, cornerback

DOMINIQUE RODGERS-CROMARTIE, Arizona Cardinals, cornerback

LOUIS DELMAS, Detroit Lions, safety


ELVIS DUMERVIL, Denver Broncos, outside linebacker

PIERRE GARCON, Wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers. before: Indianapolis Colts, wide receiver

RICKY JEAN-FRANCOIS, San Francisco 49ers, defensive lineman

MAX JEAN-GILLES, Philadelphia Eagles, offensive guard

RASHAD JEANTY, Cincinnati Bengals, outside linebacker


DAVIN JOSEPH, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, offensive guard

WILLIAM JOSEPH, Oakland Raiders, defensive tackle


STEVE OCTAVIEN, Dallas Cowboys, linebacker


JONATHAN VILMA, New Orleans Saints linebacker

JASON PIERRE-PAUL, Haitian Sensation, NY Giants defensive end

If you know any Haitians NFL players not in this list let us know by posting a comment and we will update this list

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J says...

I don't know about Dominique Rogers Comartie if he has any haitian on his blood

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Yves Colas says...

Kevin Panphile lineman Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Manuel says...

Fritzgerald Toussaint ...

he play for Steelers running back

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Bwa Sanfey says...

Pierre Garçon has moved to San Francisco.

Ricky Gillette and Pierre Thomas are with the Redskins

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David Jacques says...

Giovanni Bernard Cincinnati Bengals rb

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Art says...

No such thing as being only haitian that was the plantation most Haitians so-called are from Senegal West Africa like many African Americans are b proud of your African roots

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John Simonise says...


Rashaun Simonise #13
Cincinnati Bengals

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Jr Gabe says...

Kevin Pierre-Louis is not on the list, he plays for Seattle Seahawks.

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Paul says...

Whitney Mercilus, Titans...2012-current

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Sam says...

my dawwg Pierre garcon is the best...

Haitian sensation baby

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