Like Obama, Stand Up For Change in Haiti

Why is it that Haitians, Haitian-Americans, diasporas, etc. can sit here in America and say "proud to be Haitian", "proud to be Haitian" while their people are dying by the thousands everyday and they do absolutely nothing; yet they are proud to be Haitian.

Haitian American Flag

Proud to be Haitian for what?

I thought when you are proud of something or someone you take care of it, nurture it so it can stay in the condition or state to make you proud.

How can one be proud of something that you haven't done a thing to help.

For example, would it make sense to walk around saying to everybody that you are proud of a child that you had nothing to do with taking care of or raising? That would be ridiculous.

Well we sound just has equally absurd when we walk around saying that we are proud to be Haitian yet do nothing to help save it.

Children are dying in Haiti at an alarming rate and we just keep on looking the other way and waiting for someone else to do something while we have the power to do it ourselves.

What is this characteristic that we have in us that makes us so cold-hearted, selfish and uncompassionate, that we can sit here comfortably and watch our once beautiful country and the people in it suffer and die?

It is an embarrassment, but yet and still "we are proud to be Haitian"

What a joke?

I have a small nonprofit organization by the name of OASIS for Children, Inc. We are an organization that makes an honest attempt and effort to make a difference in Haiti. Along with a small orphanage we do mass feedings, educate children, etc.

We are 4 years old and in those for years only about 2%(maybe less) of our donations and support received thus far has come from Haitians.

What on earth is this about?

How is it that Europeans and other nationalities are more concerned with helping Haiti than we are?

Why is it that we want to sit back and waist our time trying to figure what stars are Haitian and plan for the next Haitian day parade or carnival yet we refuse to do a darn thing to save our own.

I just don't understand our behavior and school of thought. For the life of me, I just don't get it.

What is going on in that country to make us say we are proud to be Haitian?

  • Are we proud that another ten thousand children died today in Haiti?
  • Are we proud that our country is known to be the most corrupt country in the world?
  • Are we proud that Haiti is known to be the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere?


You want to show how much you love your country and are proud of it, support an organization that is positively impacting Haiti. If you don't have the money to make a donation than help do a fundraiser. Give back in some other way. Just do something!

Even if only 10% of Haitians here in America would do something to help Haiti, it would make such a huge impact.

Just like Obama had to stand for "change" here in America, it's time for Haitians here in America to stand for change in Haiti.

Luceanna Altino- Moore
OASIS for Children, Inc.
Ph# 908-208-1311
Fax: 732-227-0846
P.O. Box 5231
Somerset, NJ 08874-5231

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Marie says...

What you are saying have been not the case of us Haitians
We are not all the same

Neverteless ! I would add to your comment what you saying in regards of "the same haitian that was in haiti.

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Jean Marcellus says...


Obama is the president of the United States of America.

Like any of his predecessor, he is to protect the interest of the country by any mean necessary.

Haiti is the nightmare of the Unites States of America for leading the first black revolution against slavery.

What can be more serious and more democratic in a world that is said to be civilized?

It took

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Charlot Charlemagne says...

Instead of Communism, Would you like to have Neoliberalism?

Si, Comprende que los problemos de Haiti y Cuba son que los cambios tienen que del pueblo.

But, Revolution is a radical change.

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Solitario Rodriguez says...

Charlot Charlemangne:

El problema de

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Charlot Charlemagne says...

I understand your frustration, dear. But, Never said

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Nunu says...

It is the truth.

You have to keep, in mind the same haitian that was in haiti.

That would not be caught dead with each other are married with each other.

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Charlot Charlemagne says...

I am appreciated your concern, but Cuba(communist by choice) is not Haiti, and it will never be. Change people are talking about, I wonder if they do not understand the change President Obama was thinking about (Black at last).

Because remember Obama is the President of United States of America (Imperialism).

He can not and will not change the policy of his Country is based for. I do not think that the change Haiti needs and should strive

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Solitario Rodriguez says...

Porque un grupo de Haitianos solucione estatus migratorio en USA, no soluciona el problema de la poblacion Haitiana en haiti.

La solucion es que todos los Haitianos de Haiti sean ciudadanos de USA.
Como se puede lograr?

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Charlot Charlemagne says...

Do not discourage, the time is now.
Today, it is a need and precondition to the virtual and real liberation of our Fatherland.

We should not give up the family life; it is the base of our survival and our development.

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Charlot Charlemagne says...

Yes, you are right, but with this attitude, Haiti will not survive.

We did it in 1990, We, We, WE,, Yes, WE can and to it again in FAMILY through Konfraternité.

Today, it is a need and precondition to the virtual and real liberation of our Fatherland, Haiti.

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