Life in Haiti - I'm MOVING BACK to the Countryside, the Old Man said!

"Life is tough here in the city," the old Haitian man said, "I'm too old for this. I am moving back to the countryside where I own land. At least will be able to eat everyday..."

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"How much land do you own on the countryside?" I asked him.

"3 Carreau de Terre," he said.

"At your age, you think you can work the land?" I asked.

"Well," the man scratched his head, paused, and continued, "the area where my land is, there is no water there to irigate the land. If only I had water it would make my life easier."

"So how do you plan to survice on a land in the country side where you are already complaining about lack of water?" I asked

"Anything is better than living here in the city," he replied. "I have no money and I cannot really work hard to earn a living anymore."

"Mother earth will always give you something to eat no matter what." he said.


How can a farmer who owns 3 'carreau' of land on the countryside leave it all behind to come suffer in a small city in Haiti?

What do you think about that?

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F Etienne says...

I always wander about the same

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Subject: Life in Haiti - I'm MOVING BACK to the Countryside, the Old Man said! edit

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