La Samaritaine, Taine, Taine... The little Haitian Songs!

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The Article

In life, everything is important!

Do you know the lyrics to "La Samaritaine Taine Taine"?

"la samaritaine taine taine

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Topic says...

this is a good

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Topic says...

I like that song when i was alittle my mom always sing that song for me so, i can

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Topic says...


Every moring when I come to work, i'm so eager to get to my e-mail to see what other intersting article you have and to my surprise it's always very good. This morning was exceptional because it brought back good childhood memories.

I remember playing and singing La Samaritaine, so i'll try my best. I'm not very good at French, so'll i'll copy some of your spelling and write it the way i remember.

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