Kingston Jamaica is so much more dangerous than Port-au-Prince Haiti despite what you hear

If you listen to the Haitian media sometimes you will think that Port-au-Prince Haiti is the most dangerous place in the caribbean but, did you know, Kingston Jamaica is the most dangerous city in the Caribbean. How often do you read about that in Jamaican news media?

Haiti Tet Anba
Haiti Tet Anba

Yes... Kingston Jamaica is listed #16 among the list of the . Yes... After Kingston Jamaica, there are 34 other cities in the world more dangerous than Port-au-Prince Haiti.

That list includes Caracas in Venezuela, Cape Town in South Africa, Baltimore (Maryland) and New Orleans (Louisiana) in the United States, all more dangerous than Port-au-Prince Haiti.

You probably didn't know that? Did you?

What I am trying to tell you is that, besides all the crap you hear in the news about how dangerous Port-au-Prince is, it is NOT listed in the list of the 50 most dangerous cities in the world. Even if there was a top 150 list, I seriously doubt that any city in Haiti would be in it.

I admit, there are some bad people in our country and some bad neighborhoods just as there are bad people everywhere else in the world but that doesn't mean Haiti is so dangerous that you should fear for your life. That's far from the truth.

I would be so darn happy if the Haitian media started calling a homicide what it is, a homicide, instead of calling it "insecurity in Haiti".

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Haiti Nouvelles says...

Eske w konnen: Kingston, capital la Jamaique, pi danjere anpil pase Pòtoprens?

Kingston se nimero 16 nan list 50 peyi ki pi danjere nan mond lan. Fok La Presse sispann ap repete "ensekite en Haiti" paske 2 3 bandi ap

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Subject: Kingston Jamaica is so much more dangerous than Port-au-Prince Haiti despite what you hear edit

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