Haiti Kanaval 2013 Will Be in Cap-Haitien!

Haiti Kanaval 2013 will be held "au bord de la mer" in the city of Cap-Haitien. Watch this video clip: Pakou kanaval fevriye 2013 la

I have to say... The national Haiti carnival being held in a different department every year will help Haitians to get to know their own country.

Side note: Visit BelKanaval.com for the latest about Kanaval 2013 and all the past Haiti Kanaval Videos

Because of Kanaval 2012, I visited the city Les Cayes for the first time... what a discovery it was!

Because of Kanaval 2013, I will be visiting the city of Cap-Haitien for the first time in my life!

What do you think about Kanaval 2013 in Cap Haitien?

Reply with your comments.

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Marcus says...

Haiti needs a dictator that can rule the country we needs military to protect the country and we need to educate the people i dont think it is a good idea to have Canarval in Haiti cause a lot peolple are suffering.

The government need to reduce the price of the food, and provide more jobs for the people in

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Ronald says...

It is a shame that some of us have no way to be positive about our own country.

You just sent a reply where there is no punctuation and no way to understand exactly what you are saying.

Everybody think it is a good idea about the carnaval in Cap haitian except you with your stupid comment.

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Serge Sevieux says...

I'd like to be inform about my

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Allstarmovements says...

check out this new music "lavi bel" by Timez on

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Cj says...

I think it's a great idea for us to get to know the best of our country and mingled a little out of Port au Prince.

We know that the best of Haiti is mainly outside out its capital.

enjoy the best! Bonne Fete my beloved

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Fremond says...

they already set place for carnival when crime is rampant in the country the government do not set a plan to stop crime where people can live and do their business but set time and place for carnival what type of country is that there is not enough work for people to do people work unable to get pay the government have money to spent on

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Frantz says...

I think, it is a good idea to have the Kanaval in Cap

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Duly says...

Ebyen nap swiv. Kanmenm se yon bon lide

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Casenave Richardson says...

It's gonna be

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