VIDEO: Haiti - Manifestan ap KRAZE BOULE Stand Kanaval yo sou Champs-de-Mars

PHOTO: Haiti - Manifestan ap KRAZE BOULE Stand sou Champs-de-Mars Gade video saa... Haiti Manifestation - Manifestan opposition an ap KRAZE BOULE stand kanaval yo sou Champs-de-Mars jounen 7 Fevrier 2016 la... Yon reportaj Le Nouvelliste... Opposition an di PAP gen kanaval... more »

Haiti Cemetery Director Explains presence of Port-au-Prince Cemetary Stand at Kanaval 2015

PHOTO: Cimetiere de Port-au-Prince Stand at Haiti Kanaval 2015 "Cimetiere de Port-au-Prince is a Heritage site," says Mareige Laguerre, the Director of the cemetery, "and it deserves to be recognized as such." That was his message the political opposition who wants to use the Cemetary's carnival stand as a weapon in their fight against president Michel Martelly... more »

Haiti Superstition - Some Radio Hosts are scaring people to NEVER attend Kanaval in Haiti ever again

PHOTO: Haiti Kanaval 2015 Ever since that terrible Kanaval Tuesday that caused the death and injury in Champs-de-Mars, there are some Haitian radio hosts who make it seem like some big voodoo magic spell that caused it, like there are some blood sucking spirits who attend kanaval in Haiti and feed on the souls of Carnival goers... How is this supposed to attract tourists in Haiti? more »

Haiti Kanaval Funeral begins 8:00 am Saturday

Port-au-Prince Haiti -- After 72 Hours of mourning for everyone who died at the Kanaval accident Tuesday 17 Feb 2015 in Champs-de-Mars, a national funeral will be held starting at 8:00 am Saturday... more »

Don Kato (Brothers Posse) at NY Labor Day Festival 2014 - LIVE on a Float...

PHOTO: Haiti Don Kato sou Ticket Magazine, li pwal nan Labor Day Festival Haitian singer Don Kato of Brothers Posse will be performing live on a CHAR (float) in the streets of Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn New York this Labor Day, 01 September 2014... This news has been resonating on Haitian radio the past few days... more »

Deja... En Direk Des Gonaives for Haiti Kanaval 2014

We have just arrived in the City of Gonaives Haiti for Haiti kanaval 2014... The city is alive... Stands are being built... Lots of Houses are available for rent... more »

Watch all the latest Haiti Kanaval 2014 videos...

We are live in Haiti for Kanaval 2014 and we are loading fresh new Kanaval videos at www.BelKanaval.com --- Watch and enjoy as we find new Kanaval video we will post them on www.BelKanaval.com for you to enjoy... more »

Haiti Carnaval 2014 - List officiel des groupes retenus pour participer au defile

Haiti Carnaval 2014 --- Voici la liste des groupes retenus pour participer au défilé des 3 jours gras aux Gonaïves --- Here is the list of Haitian music groups that will participate in Haiti Carnival 2014 in Gonaives... more »

Haiti Kanaval 2014 Theme: "Tet kole pou Ayiti Pi Djanm"

Carnival In Haiti - Carnaval en Haiti - Kanaval Haiti Attention Carnival fans... The Haiti Kanaval 2014 Theme is "Tèt kole pou Ayiti Pi Djanm"... Haitian national carnival will be held in the city of Independence, Gonaives Haiti 2, 3, and 4 March 2014... Se la pou-w la... more »

Aktivite Kanaval 2014 Haiti yo pou komanse Dimansh 19, APRE 12 Janvier

Carnival In Haiti - Carnaval en Haiti - Kanaval Haiti Haiti Carnaval Update --- Minis Kilti ak Kominikasyon Haiti-a fè konnen ke festivite kanaval Haiti 2014 la gen pou kòmanse Dimanch, 19 janvye 2014 olye pou yo 12 janvye 2014 ki make 4 lane depi yon gwo tonton tranbleman de tè te ravaje peyi d'Haiti... Li tap led anpil pou Haitien komanse fete kanaval jounen 12 janvier a... more »