Just In Case You Want To Invest in Real Estate!

"Flops are a part of life's menu, and I've never been a girl to miss out on any of the courses."

- Rosalind Russel -

Hello My Friends...

It's 2003... and we all lived to see it. That in itself is a blessing, I'm sure you know who to thank for that.

I am writing this article because someone who subscribes to this newsletter sent me an email asking a question

Here's the question...

"About your "evicted tenants".. If you are a LANDLORD, what are the pros/cons of investing in real estate properties. I am thinking of getting into this business and I am researching for any advises. (from your experience).. Hope you don't mind me asking... (P. Andre)"

First I want to tell you a true story about me

Last year, I found out the hard way that other people can ruin your life.

When it comes to real-estate, all you need 2 bad tenants and you will be in the biggest financial trouble of your life.

Did I scare you? Are you giving it a second thought?

What If I told you that everything that went wrong was entirely my fault?

I had 2 bad tenants in my house and I sat there hoping for them to leave. By the time I got up and smelled the coffee, I had already lost $10,000.

Real Estate is a business and if it's not treated as a business, you will fail.

Now here is the flip side of the coin

That same 3-family house that I almost lost because of my 2 bad tenants thought me one of the biggest lessons in real-estate

Here it is...

After I got them evicted, and I walked through the apartments, I realized that "Aliens" lived in those apartments, not human beings. I mean they trashed the house. So bad that I couldn't even sell it below market value.

Then one day, my Real Estate Agent told me "If you put less than $1,000 in the house, you could sell it for at least $10,000 more

So, I went ahead and spent $5,000 in the house

Guess what?

I couldn't sell it for $129,000

Two months and $5,000 later, I have a buyer at $165,000

You Can Still Buy Houses no Money Down
My buyer is Getting $5,000 Cash At Closing!
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Here are some quick tips for you if you want to get into real-estate:

  1. Your family and friends will discourage you... DO NOT let them
  2. Don't buy a house with tenants in it
  3. You won't believe how much value a paint job adds to a house
  4. You will make some costly mistakes but it's nothing compared to the student loans I hear people talk about... And you will recover much faster.
  5. Real Estate is "Good Debt". If you have enough "Good Debts" You may not have to work for others ever again

There are many things to talk about when it comes to real estate investing. Eventually I will tell you everything as I learn about them.

That's the reason I dedicated another website just for that.


This is where I will talk more about it, make recommendations, hopefully we will be able to share our experiences there.

This article written by Woodring Saint Preux

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