In Haiti, Domino's Pizza is an upper-class luxury

Domino's Pizza in Haiti
In the United States, Domino's Pizza, the second-largest pizza chain after Pizza Hut, is available everywhere... In Haiti, the only Domino's in town sits in Petionville and lunch at Domino's Pizza is an upper-class luxury, according to an article recently published on

KREYOL: Manje yon Pizza nan Domino's Pizza en Haiti c'est une affaire de la haute société... M-pap ba-w manti... Nèg k-ap manje ALEKEN ak CHEN JANBE sou beton an pa ka ashte pizza pitit... ou wè pri yo? Kisa-w panse de sa?

Read the article "Eating Domino's Pizza in Haiti" by Adam Chandler who asks: "What makes the same fast food in Brooklyn and Port-au-Prince so different?"

Once you read the article you will realize it's not just the location of Domino's Pizza in Petionville that makes it a luxury... Price is also a factor...

Question: When was the last time you went out for Pizza in Haiti?

Do you agree with the article that Domino's Pizza in Haiti is an upper-class luxury?

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Nicole P Curious what is the price range for the pizza.its not the pizza it's the price and the location
Reply · November 21 at 7:52 PM

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