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You call it grilled corn on the cob, we call it Mayi Boukannen!

Mayi Boukannen Haiti (Grilled corn) In Haiti, one of cheapest and most good for you food you can buy in the streets is Mayi Boukannen, simple grilled corn on the cob. For as little as $5 Haitian gourdes, you can eat your grilled corn an be on your way. more »

Haiti - Machann Pate a retire gou a nan bouch mwen

Haitian Pate - Haitian Beef Patties Mezanmi, gen kèk bagay se an kreyol pou nou diskite yo pou etranje pa konprann. Mwen kanpe devan yon machann pate maten a map gade anba zong madanm lan, eta lwil k-ap fri pate a, li banm kè plen... more »

In Haiti, Domino's Pizza is an upper-class luxury

Domino's Pizza in Haiti In the United States, Domino's Pizza, the second-largest pizza chain after Pizza Hut, is available everywhere... In Haiti, the only Domino's in town sits in Petionville and lunch at Domino's Pizza is an upper-class luxury, according to an article recently published on atlantic.com... more »