I don't want to say Haitian 'Community' Anymore!

I have been writing online for a while and I just realised that I fell in the same trap that other writers fall into:

Sunrise in Haiti

I keep saying "The Haitian Community" and that's not right!

A community is a group of people living in a particular local area.

"The Haitian People" Now, that sounds better!


Haiti is a Nation, not a community.

I grew up hearing these words in Haitian radio:

  • Comunaute Haitienne
  • Nan Koninote-a
  • The Haitian community

I never took into account that using the words "Haitian Community" to refer to the Haitian People diminishes the value of our Nation.

N-ap rele tet nou TI PEP san nou pa rann nou kont!

When I think about it, we do that a lot in the Diaspora. Maybe we should stop.

So from now on promise yourself that, unless you are talking about "The Haitian community in Spring Valley, NY or your local area," the proper term is "HAITIAN PEOPLE"


Byen ke gen moun ki di yo pa fe pati de PEP LA... Wa di PEP LA se yon klas sosyal!

My Fellow Haitians...

We The People of the Republic of Haiti...

An nou retire "Ti" a devan HaiTi, tanpri souple!... :)


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Marie says...

" Hey !
Ou Bay Yon Bel Parabol


Cool I like

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Daniel Volmy says...

you are right about a community definition but allow me to continue
a community is a group of people live in a different country speak the same language same morales values and same culture some time we try to bring a change in a community it is not easy but remember great leader do not quit no matter tough it get they continue fallow their until it become a reality so you do the same and i am with

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Colette Jacques says...

Woody listen! offcourse we do have "Haitien Communitie" they are the base of where we go when we do not know anyone in the town of that city. But because we are so divised and we do not try to grasp ourselves to be strong and link to other communities and most of all we do not share enough we prefer to copy each others idea without givng them credit for what we take or learn from them, We break ourselves from the principle of being a tight community.

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Worly says...

mwen felisite w paske ou pote yon limye sou inyorans anpil nan nou ayisyen ap fe san rann

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Sstfurcy says...

Interesting observation!!!! Words do have meanings.

"So you think and so you are" I am sure someone said that before me, if not I will take credit.

lol, lol.

Maybe it was Plato or Socretes.

Since Socrates did not leave any writings then it was Plato quoting Socrates.

Oh whatever!!! You get the

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Haitian Citizen says...

It's funny you said that...

There are a lot of Americans in Haiti and you never hear about the AMERICAN COMMUNITY in Haiti

It's always "The American Citizens in Haiti"

Today we are "The Haitian Citizens in the United States"


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Taty says...

Well say Woodring, Nul ne peut te rabaisser que

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Frederic Theogene says...

"Ti" ou pas nous sommes fiere d'etre enfant d'haiti, for those who exclude themselves from PeP la, when they need their business to expand they look onto our area but later some say they Cuban or white nor Haitians lately we forgive them it's a lack of education & civilisation I myself i rarely said that i'am an american, mwen se

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Evelyn says...

Excellent point! I'm going to correct myself from now on. Thank

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Wesna says...

Woodring man ou bon net se sa li ye min "Pep

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