I am HIV Negative Because I don't Mess With Haitian Girls, A New York DJ Says

NEW YORK - Hot 97 DJ Cipha Sounds said live on the radio: "The reason I'm HIV negative is 'cause I don't mess with Haitian girls" and the Haitian community in New York is on fire... They want him off the air!

Hot 97 DJ Cipha Sounds Racist Haiti Comment

Do you believe this? He thinks this is a joke!

DJ Cipha Sounds made racist comment live on Hot 97 radio during his morning show last Friday.

Ever since that day, the radio station has been inundated with phone calls by upset listeners and Haitians have been using Facebook and Twitter to voice their rage.

Although DJ Cipha Sounds immediately apologized for his stupid comment abou HIV and Haitian women, that did not prevent him from being suspended.

He has been suspended indefinitely from his job according to a statement released by his bosses at Hot 97.

It is really upsetting to realize that, with everything happening in Haiti already, some dumb disc jockey would actually make matters worse by making such a stupid comment.

What do you think?

I know you are upset and I want to hear what you have to say about it

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Tesha says...

who does he think he is.boy i know i have a poddy mouth i have something to say to this fool! READ THIS CAREFULLY: dirty pigs like you that always grobeing salte in haitian people yards always have something to say.me as a HAITIAN GAL would never below myself to you a piece of trash.

take this with caution cause this is not an insult iam just informing you of your

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Taaj says...

I don't think it matters if they are not using protection and the comment was not cool.Mant cultures deal with the same issue for instance black American men messing with other men do you think these women knew this when they tested postive from being with the man that they loved.It's all about being safe and using protection.

Everyone must be smart!!!This is a killer that does not caare how much money one has and where you come from..So lets keep it

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Richelle says...

I believe that guy is the most ignorant because he should know that before us as haitian can inter here in america we have to be free of any kind of desease.They are the one that easy to get to the border from any spanish land to mexico caming here spread HIV not us.and some haitian man they like getting with other people beside they on race without paying any attention and get infected pass it on to the haitian waman.I'm not jealous about them get involve with other people I think they sould pay more attention to what they doing.

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John says...

you are racist you piece of doodooo!!!!
how can you say something like that?

that pure

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Christophe.estriplet says...



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Wilson says...

as i am an haitian man, i do not take that joke seriously because joking about a disease proven that joker is an ignorant to the mankind.His action is not humanely acceptable to the point i do not believe he is immuned against that disease.

Every body tries to use haitian people in particular as negative.God only knows why we as haitians are suffering now.One day i believe God will ease our problem.

I thank you for your comment and your joke.Joke on

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Unknow says...

Not desperate who barks for attention should get it. Calling actually helps the station rating.

Suing the owner of the dog would make more sense.

This should be implemented in the policy.

Haitian women will not need him it doesn't have a

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Ericka says...

this dumb biatch jyst wanted attention
but he ch0se the wrng people 2 mess wit
sum body should shootb his ass, n i'll bet u he'lll think twice next time he mentions

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Sexypat says...

i know u serious dats not the first time spanish people accusing haitian with da hiv, they should punish him or fire him he mad stupid nd haitian dont mess with spanish men dont hv education ok before u say somethin in public u should think first ok danm

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Sergo Jean says...

I desagree, monche ou met kite yo pale jan yo vle, nou Ayisyen nou pap fe back devan ocun menace ou racist comante.

yo te di avan se nou ki te bay maladi sa, mwen panse se paske yo we peyi pa oganize, malgre sa map di ou gason mwen fanm Haitiene se meye fanm nou genyen sou ter sa. Bagay yo dificil pou yo, men map swete nou gason ayisyen yo patou cote ke nou ye pou nou canpe bo cote madanm nou avec pitit fi nou yo pou defand yo e supote yonon tout bagay pou vagabon pa vin betize avec yo.Gen bagay societe Haitiene pa connen si se pa vagabon ki sot lot peyi ki pote yo ladan.Map di ou dan pouri gen fos sou bannan mi, di fet ke peyi ya pov gen bagay pep li pa connen se sa ki fe nou ap defet yo le yo di yon bagay sou pep sa .Yo toujou pa decouvri apre yo te wrong pou di move mo sou kelke soi mounn an Haiti.Fanm yo avec gason Ayisyen yo kenbe ferm jou delivrans la ap vini pou nou e nap soti anba tout mounn cap cheche bannou pote chaj ki trop pou nou, pou denigre vale Ayisyene nou gen lakay nou.Nou se yon peyi ki lib e fri menm jan avec tout lot pep .mwen cre yon jou nap gen yon lide cap vin canpe pou defand droi de tout citoyen lakay li epi ocun lot mounn pa ose yo ouvri bouch yo pou fe de move comante sou pep lakay li.Map di se paske petet yo pote ed yo bay Haiti ki fe ninpot neg ca di move bagay sou pep sa.Mwen cre sa gen poul chanje yon jou, mwen cre se sa ki fe yo kenbe peyi ya nan povrete avec group yo se pou yo ka jwen cote pou pale nan zafe pep sa e map di yo peyi Haiti gen loi tankou tout lot peyi pou defand dwat citoyen lakay li, nou selman poco gen lide sa pou vin fe aplike la lois nan tout

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