Hurricane Wilma - Great Memories

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"We Become What We Think About Most Of The Time"
by: Woodring Saint Preux
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October 30th, 2005
Yap Pale, Nap travay!

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About Adversity

"When everything seems to be going against you, remember
that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it."

Henry Ford
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Good Memories of Hurricane Wilma

Hi All,
Woodring Saint Preux here, your humble servant

Hurricane Wilma devastated South Florica and left me with no
phone and no electricty for one over a week now but I have
good news.

I took the week off!

I had no choice!

My wife was in Boston, and I was home with my two kids.

*** Pop Quiz! ***

How do you entertain 2 kids in a house with no light and no

Man... I had fun...

I fired my grill for the first time in two years
It still works!

I took my kids camping...

Not your typical camp site, I literally brought out the
inflatable mattress and laid it in the middle of the living
room floor!

Every night, I told them a story and they laughed themselves
to sleep.

I lost the fence in my back yard and my shed flew into the
neighbor's pool.

After the hurricane, South Florida had some of the most
beautiful nights I have ever seen...

Darkness surrounded our neighborhood, but you look up at the
sky and see the moonlight and the bright stars and it takes
you back to "Lakou Lakay".

These nights reminded me of the wonderdul nights I spent in
my father's birthplace...

Lakou Lakay... Labeg, Haiti

Christmas Vacation in my grandmothers birthplace...

Lakou Lakay... Buenabite, Haiti, near St. Raphael!

Vacation with my uncle, Beau De La Cruz...

Lakou Lakay... Laguaedjon, Haiti, Near Los Palis

One of these days, I have to tell you about my childhood
experiences in "Andeyo, Haiti".

I was not born in the deep country but I feel so fortunate
to have had the experience.

I am not afraid of the dark,
I dont panic when the light goes out for a week... or two

Instead I am taken right back to a place where I have
nothing but wonderful memories.

Si ou te fet potoprens, grandi potoprens,
ou pa konnen Haiti Jan-m konnen Haiti
ou pap gen nostalji jan-m gen nostalji
ou pap damou haiti jan-m damou Haiti

neg andeyo parey mwen yo,
se yo ka-p konpran feeling sa-a

Perhaps one of these days,
I can help you understand what you missed
if you never lived on the country side of Haiti.

but right now, it looks like I will get to enjoy my darkness
for a few more days.

I still have no electricity but it's all good.

Hasta la proxima!


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All Comments (11)

Joes Jean Pierre says...

mon cher ami comment allez vous?

suis moi meme un Haitien de Jacmel ( aux cayes Jacmel) Alors mon cher en lisant votre histoire cela me faire sentir que vous un haitien presque pareil que moi

J'habite a Curacao depuis 5 ans et j'aimerais bien traverse aux UAS c, est mon plan a moi jusqu'a present.

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Sherline Samedi says...

know what you mean about those wonderful nights in the country parts of Haiti.

I was born here but was fortunate enough to have had the spent a month in Haiti about two years ago.

On top of that it was during the month of August which seemed like the best time to go.

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Neptune Jean says...

je suis content que tu partage ton experience d'haiti avec moi qui est aussi un fou d'haiti qui a vecu tous ma jeunesse dans une petite ville de province dans la metropole du Sud est.

je passer a domir a la belle etoil avec mon pere a planter des choux et des pomme de tere a savane zombie near de foret de pin.

je le fais aussi pas mal de foi a ans a pitre near de perdenal ( le pays voisin) et aussi cap rouge (Jackmel)

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James Lemaire says...

You are such a romantic!

Your story epitomizes the resourcefulness of Haitians.

I am glad that you were able to make something beautiful out of that dreadful week in Florida.

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Ronald Azor says...

hi woody nice to hear from you i only have my electricity today that the reason why i'm enjoying surfing on the net at this time 3:00 am hope you'll have ur power back soon and nice to know that every thing went well 4 u during this hurricane keep it real we love u brother< bad deal for life> la star du moment.

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Woodring says...

How are You
thank you for replying,

I know we have a priest in the family,
I left haiti since I was 14, but I am almost certain his name is "clark"

Ask him if he knows Beau Delacruz, Bleuette, and Fifi, also Jean Gerard Quebe, I believe

If he does and he is from Hinche, then yes, definitely

Woodring Saint Preux

He might not remember my name, he may remember my father's name, Galbeau Saint

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Woodring says...

This is beautiful, One of my goals is to remind haitians that Haiti is not as bad as they think, the good memories are truly "One of a kind"

Thanks for sharing your

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Woodring says...

Hi, thanks for your very nice reply to my article.

Regarding your question on churches in Haiti, I bumped into this link a while back. it has some history about the catholic church in haiti.

Here it is:

Let me know if it helps you in your research


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Mary Devine says...

I just read your input for this week and really enjoyed it, Its so good to hear someone seeing some positive stuff after the storm.

I am an Irish volunteer working in Haiti and yes, its a beautiful country.

Great to hear the pride.

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Eden Jean Baptiste says...

Bonjou zanmi,
mwen byen kontan we Ayiti gen moun kap panse ak li akoz cham li ak lanati ka salye'w chak jou.Mesi poutet ou pa blyie sa.

Eske w se fanmi Pe Clark De Lacruz?

Avek tout respe'm

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