Hurricane Wilma, her grandmother built a fire

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know what you mean about those wonderful nights in the country parts of Haiti.

I was born here but was fortunate enough to have had the spent a month in Haiti about two years ago.

On top of that it was during the month of August which seemed like the best time to go.

When I visited my cousin's home last week, she showed me where her grandmother built a fire out in the backyard and I was telling her how it brought back wonderful memories of living the simple life (even if it was for only one month, I am just as grateful).

I remember that first night we got to the country we had to go out to the river (which is extremely close to our house) to bathe and I alarmed! Me and my sisters asked my aunt, "Who's shining that bright light?" and she said, "what light?".

That's when I looked up and saw it was the moon.

It was so beautiful up there shining so brightly.

All in all, I wanted to just let you know that I, too, enjoyed wonderful memories during the aftermath of hurricane wilma.

Sherline S.
P.S. We got our power back Tuesday afternoon!!! Yay!!!

Sherline Samedi, November 16 2005, 9:59 PM

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Topic: Hurricane Wilma - Great Memories

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Eden Jean Baptiste, 16-Nov-05 9:14 pm
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Mary Devine, 16-Nov-05 9:15 pm
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Woodring, 16-Nov-05 9:18 pm
This is beautiful, One of my goals is to remind haitians that Haiti is not as bad as they think, the good memories are truly "One of a kind" Thanks... read more >
Woodring, 16-Nov-05 9:26 pm
How are You thank you for replying, I know we have a priest in the family, I left haiti since I was 14, but I am almost certain his name is "clark... read more >
Woodring, 16-Nov-05 9:47 pm
hi woody nice to hear from you i only have my electricity today that the reason why i'm enjoying surfing on the net at this time 3:00 am hope you'll... read more >
Ronald Azor, 16-Nov-05 9:49 pm
You are such a romantic! Your story epitomizes the resourcefulness of Haitians. I am glad that you were able to make something beautiful out of that... read more >
James Lemaire, 16-Nov-05 9:51 pm
je suis content que tu partage ton experience d'haiti avec moi qui est aussi un fou d'haiti qui a vecu tous ma jeunesse dans une petite ville de... read more >
Neptune Jean, 16-Nov-05 9:55 pm
know what you mean about those wonderful nights in the country parts of Haiti. I was born here but was fortunate enough to have had the spent a... read more >
Sherline Samedi, 16-Nov-05 9:59 pm
mon cher ami comment allez vous? suis moi meme un Haitien de Jacmel ( aux cayes Jacmel) Alors mon cher en lisant votre histoire cela me faire sentir... read more >
Joes Jean Pierre, 16-Nov-05 9:59 pm
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