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Only Black Folks....

Two Haitian Women Laughing
Two Haitian Women Laughing

- Are engaged for 5 years or more.

- Are late to church, work, and everything else, EXCEPT when
the "club" is free before 11:00 PM.

- Refer to diabetes as "Sugar".

- Practice "shout outs" at a graduation ceremony when the person graduating barely passed.
- Show up at weddings, showers, graduation, birthday parties, etc. with a new outfit on, with their nails and hair done,
but no gift!

- Consider "clubbing" as a monthly expense.

- Have at least one relative with a jheri curl.

- Have mothers who can use curse words and religion ALL IN ONE SENTENCE. For example, "Lord give me strength 'cause I'm
bout to knock the out of this bad child!"

- Invite co-workers and all of their friends to their child's first birthday party, which happens to have a
professional DJ, liquor but only about 3 kids and 50 adults in attendance.

- Can drive a BMW, Lexus, Cadillac but live in an apartment (or rent a house or ARE STILL staying with their

- Come over to your house at 8:00 in the morning to "borrow" a cup of sugar.

- Will pull up in the church parking lot listening to Calypso music, Tupac or some other rap artist.

- Will have on a new outfit every time you see them, but when you ask them for the money they owe you they always say, "Ain't got it" or "Umma fix you up".

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