More than 1 year after MINUSTAH left, how is the Haitian Police doing?

It's been 14 months since the United Nations peacekeeping MINUSTAH forces left Haiti and the Haitian police have been doing their best to maintain law and order as the only forces in a country that is not very easy to govern. In your opinion, how is the Haiti's Police Nationale (PNH) doing?

PHOTO: Haiti - New Police Graduates, 25th Promotion


I know that, sometimes, we Haitians wish that Haiti was the safest place on the planet but you know something? It is NOT the worst place on the planet neither. Haiti is a pretty safe place despite what you hear in the news.

Haiti has about one police for every 700 citizens and our police men and women are doing the best they can to handle the little problems we have in the country compare to other countries in the world who have real problems.

Haiti - Police Sou Bicyclette - Nouvo image Police Nationale la

I should also send a shot out to the Haitian people as well who, for the most part, are peaceful bunch of people who often resolves most issues among themselves.

How do you think the Haitian Police is doing maintaining law and order in Haiti?

Are you satisfied under the circumstances or do you think the police could or should be doing a better job?

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Subject: More than 1 year after MINUSTAH left, how is the Haitian Police doing? edit

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