Haiti Health - It is NOT Clairin killing people, It's Methanol, Commerce Minister said

Haiti's commerce minister believes the deadly alcohol killing people in and around Port-au-Prince is METHANOL, not the 'Clairin Local'... Following the deaths of the latest victims in Petit-Gove, Ministre Jude Hervé Day says "the recent deaths are not related to clairin consumption."

Haiti Health - CHOLERA is Still Killing an Average of 37 People a Month in the Country

Haiti Health Update -- This is sad to say but CHOLERA is still killing people in Haiti every day... Cholera is killing an average of 37 people a month in Haiti, According to The Associated Press said.

There is a danger in eggs kept in direct sunlight, Haitian consumers beware!

The majority of eggs being imported into Haiti are shipped and maintained in a condition that may be dangerous to Haitian consumers. Read this...

Haiti Health - Case of Zika virus Increasing in Haiti

The Haiti Ministry of Public Health announced recently that the number of victims of the Zika virus has increased dramatically in Haiti...

Haiti Health - ZIKA Virus is spreading in rapidly in the country, Pregnant Women Beware

Haiti Health - The ZIKA Virus is spreading in rapidly in the country, It is so alarming that the ministry of public health has gone on radio to alert the population.

Haiti Health - CHOLERA Kills 2 people in Anse-a-Pitres, 32 others Infected

Haiti Health News - CHOLERA is still taking lives in Haiti... 2 people, a young woman and a 10-year old child died in the city of Anse-a-Pitres last week from Cholera. 32 others have been infected including poor Haitians repatriated from the Dominican Republic...

Haiti Health - Ladies, Improve your Mood and Reduce PMS Symptoms by Eating a Banana

I wonder if Haitian women know this... Ladies, you can improve your mood and reduce PMS symptoms by eating a banana... Did you know that???

Haiti - Health : 1 Soda Per Day Increases Your Risk of Diabetes even if you are skinny

Many Haitians drink soda like water almost everyday, in Haiti and in the Diaspora, but did you know??? Drinking soda everyday increases your risk of type 2 diabetes even you are a skiny and normal-weight person...

Haiti has the highest incidence of cervical cancer in the world

According to a recent article released by Newsweek Magazine, Haiti has the highest incidence of cervical cancer in the world. Cervical cancer, a painful disease killing women in Haiti, is a disease of poverty, the article says...

Haiti Health - Did you know Eating Mango Everyday is Good for you?

It's Mango season in Haiti and I eat mango every single day... Why? Mango is good for you... Mango helps fight cancer, it regulates diabetes, helps you with digestion and weight loss, it cleanses your skin... My family, friends and neighbors in Haiti, I don't think they know about this, they just eat mango because it's cheap and plentiful this time of year... LOL...