Happy Haitian Mother's Day

A special message to all the Haitian mothers out there and to the sons and daughters of Haitian mothers on Haitian mothers day... Read this...

Haitian Mother and Child - Mothers Day

I wanted to take this moment to wish you a Happy Haitian Mother's day to you if you are a Haitian mother; a happy Haitian mother's day to your mother if you're not.

A friend of mine to told me today "You know, today is Haitian mothers day... I wish my mother was here, but she died."

If you are in the same situation, I will tell you the same thing I just told him:

Your mother is here... You can see her when you look in the mirror... You can feel her presence each and every time you make the wise decision not to do something stupid, simply because, in the back of your mind you think: 'My mother will kill me'

The one time I really wanted my mother to shut up, she wasn't even there... but her voice was so freakin loud in my mind...

So to all the moms out there; even when you think your kids are not listening to you... Put it in the bank! it will make sense some day.

If your mother is alive, tell her about this one time you hear voice her saying "you idiot!!!" and she wasn't even there in person :)

Happy Mother's day to you and yours.

by: Woodring Saint Preux

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