Haiti's Jalousie slum Is Being Converted into an Objet d'Art

Jalousie, one of Haiti's biggest shantytowns, is getting a very colorful facelift... A psychedelic makeover that aims to be part art and part homage, the Associate Press says...

Haiti - Jalousie Slum In Living Color
Haiti - Jalousie Slum In Living Color

LOL... Haiti has a funny way of making you smile...

A "Ghetto Fabulous" moment... LOL... I love it...

Workers this month began painting the concrete facades of buildings in Jalousie slum a rainbow of purple, peach, lime and cream, inspired by the dazzling "cities-in-the-skies" of well-known Haitian painter Prefete Duffaut, who died last year.


It's looks beautiful already!

Don't you think?

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Topsecret Jahlove says...


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Jerry says...

Yeap it looks good already.

But did you know that the paint for these homes was provided by the newly erected Royal Oasys Hotel people so the tourist/client would not be looking at the cement slums eye sore that it was before.

However it is finally being done. No previous government thought of it. It is starting to remind me of some of the colorful tropical home I've seen on the ohter caribbean Islands.

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Reginald Martin says...

The assemblage of colorful houses reminds one of the little houses found in Curacao (Berg Altena neighbourhod).

..It is infortunate that Bois Jalousie in Petionvile is a lair of vice and the houses themselves are built on a land that can slide any time due to the steep slope and the fact that these houses are constructed wihtout any respect for building codes on a side of the Morne l'Hopital which is not allocated for homes.

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Patrick Princivil says...

Poukisa yo pa vendre tout caye sa yo bay yon seule moun, mèt caye sa a ap capab crasé yon valè ladan yo pou yo

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Anna says...

payim nan bel

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