Why do Haitians only criticize each other when speaking French?

Haitians never criticize foreigners who speak bogus French; however, they are very quick to criticize their fellow Haitian as soon as he comits the simplest gramatical error in a sentence when speaking French or writing French. why is that?

Growing up the United States, this is one of the reasons I simply hate speaking French with fellow Haitians. French is the language of division in Haiti, period.

Zuzu pointu Haitians forget that French is not our language. Haitian speak Creole but a part of our society adopt French, the slave masters language, and they use it to belittle each other.

When the US ambassador or any Foreign official come to Haiti and start speaking their broken French and creole nobody says anything.

How many times do you communicate something to a fellow Haitian in French trying to explain something to him or her and, instead of trying to understand your concern, he instead interrupts you with: "on ne dit la poisson, poisson est masculin!"

He interupts you to remind you that you should not say this, you made a mistake, instead of trying to simply get the point you're trying to send across.

What good is a language if all the people you are trying to communicate correcting you instead of trying to understand your point of view?

I am not writing a book lady! I just need some freaking information!

What do you think about that?

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Linda L says...

OMG! I totally agree.

I went to France and spoke the best French I could tho it wasn't perfect, not one person corrected me. It is used to oppress people in the lower class of society.

Lately, I see a lot more people posting in Creole.

French is indeed the language of

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Marie Nelson says...

It is very important to speak the language you are more comfortable with. If Creole is the language, by the way is our official language, you are able to communicate your needs, concerns, or even to reach out to others; stick with it and be proud of it. Do not take the risk of not getting your messages across by speaking a language that you are not very familiar

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