Haitians on Broadway? Are There Any?

QUESTION: Have you ever seen a live show on Broadway? Have you ever seen a Haitian actor on a Broadway show? Do you know of any Haitians on Broadway?

Haitian Tourist in New York City

Guilty... Guilty... Oh, I'm so Guilty...

LOL.. I am not trying to make you feel bad... I myself am feeling very guilty right now...

Can you believe this? I grew up in New York but I have never been on Broadway.

My only experience as far as Broadway stage talent is concerned is playing the role of a shoeshiner at the salle paroissiale in Hinche in a boy scout talent show.

Wouldn't it be nice to not only see a Live Broadway show but to actually see a Haitian actor in it?

I have a surprise for you... I will tell you all about it tomorrow!

NOW... The question:

  1. Have you ever seen a Broadway show?
  2. Do you know of any Haitians on Broadway?

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Chrisalexis says...

Non mw poko

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Thermidor Ludgens says...

just makink a

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Pierre Marie Louise says...

Goodmorning I congratulate you for your work in haïti.Im Marie Louise Pierre, I studied accounting and I registered to work as a manager in a complex while 2 years.

I love working but sometimes it's not easy to find, I'd like to work for you, thank you already, have a good day, may God bless

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Roody says...

wow. keep up the good work buddy!!! also thanks for keeping me update with all the crazy haitian news Lol...

love my people

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Mathom says...

Yes i have seen a Broadway show. But
i do not know any Haitien on broadway.

Maybe there

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