Haitians and The Information Age

Good News, My Haitian People!

We're skipping the Industrial Age and were jumping straight into the Information Age!

That's the only way we can catch up with the world.

I know we can do it because we have a bunch of talented young men and women who are trying very hard to make this happen.

Your Haitian webmasters are not just anybody. They have degrees, they have careers.

Some of them have abandoned their careers to bring you this new online Haitian experience. Please do not take that for granted.

In the near future, I would like introduce you to some of your webmasters.

Unlike the OFFLINE world, we do get along and we do not email "Voodoo spells" to each other.

"Je Voye Dlo, Je Mouye Pèsòn"

You will find out who they are and the sacrifices they had to make because they love you and they want to remove that negative stereotype that is glued on our foreheads

"Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere!"
One of these days... Somebody's going to swallow these words!

Wait a minute!
That's not why I wrote you today!

I need your help in testing a new feature that has just been added to www.belfet.com

Very soon, we will begin share our content with other Haitian webmasters.

Just like Yahoo provides news feeds to other sites, Fouye will begin to share her contents with other Haitian webmasters.

There's a first time for everything... Right?

At this time we are testing this new feature on www.Belfet.com

Do you use My Yahoo?

Now you can add fresh Haitian events directly on your My Yahoo Page.

If you live in New York, Click this link

If you live in Florida, Click this link

We are hoping that this effort will encourage more Haitians to buy a computer and get on the internet.

Yap Pale, Nap Travay!

Kite yo panse ayisyen sòt

Y-ap kon Jòj


Woodring Saint Preux

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Topic says...

i want to explain my opinion i cant please send me the haitianmesnewsletters in

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Topic says...

Geese, I wish I could understand that whole previous note...

Does anyone have a Kreole

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Topic says...

Hey Woodring, how is it going man?

im a million percent hatian man born in raised in Haiti.

i've been here for almost five(5) years.

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Topic says...

I admit that I used to delete those newsletters at first sight.

But now, because of those newsletters I have learned to appreciate the effort of the team behind those newsletters.

I'm more aware and appreciative of their work.

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